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Upgrading modern construction with the power cementitious grouting

“Intriguingly, epoxy grouts, formulated with epoxy resin, offer exceptional performance in high-traffic environments, making them the preferred choice for wet areas in residential buildings and heavy foot-trafficked zones in commercial structures.” Modern construction relies on tiling for aesthetics and structural strength; while tile installation is crucial, grouting equally fortifies and enhances the appearance of surfaces. […]

Sustainable options in decorative industry

Imran Patanwala, Co-Founder at Maria Décor, speaks about the latest trends and innovations in the modular furniture industry. Can you guide us through the range of products your company specialises in? Maria Decor was established in the year 2011. Since 2011, we have diversified with unique products into the home decor industry. We identified the […]

Facades can help in reducing the need for artificial lighting

Facades incorporate bigger fenestrations considering the sun path, which helps in minimizing the use of artificial lighting. Further, it helps in fabricating efficient building interiors and thereby minimizing the energy consumption, says Ritin Gulati, Principal Architect, Ritin Gulati & Associates. What is the importance of facade cladding in contemporary times? The foremost merit of using […]

Facades also account for heat gain and heat loss

With improved and cost-effective availability of sensors, controls and motor devices, façades can now actively participate in building energy performance says Amin Nayyar, Director, ANA Design Studio. In an era of high-rises how can façades contribute effectively in making the building more energy efficient? Façades account for about 50 per cent of net environment heat […]

“Impressive and attractive facades play important role in enhancing the urban skyline”

Surinder Bahga, Architect, Saakaar Foundation talks about the importance of facades in the urban landscape. What are the emerging trends in residential as well as commercial facades? With the advent of nuclear families, demand of small houses or apartments has increased considerably. Normally people want houses having different look than other houses in the street. […]