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Creatomy unveils new table and console collection

Creatomy unveils new table and console collection

Escape by Creatomy presents its most recent work of art, the breathtaking new table and console series, in a daring move to redefine the meeting point of furniture and art.

Emerging from a desire to escape the confines of traditional client briefs, Escape was founded by the visionary Prateek Sabharwal under the prestigious house of Creatomy. Devoted to surpassing the ordinary, Escape skillfully combines age-old workmanship and modern aesthetics, pushing the limits of material experimentation and fusing the ancient and the new.

Escape by Creatomy _ ACE

Tribal Grove

‘Tribal Grove’ console will help to capture the essence of India’s traditional bamboo groves in one’s house. This artistic marvel skillfully combines modern architecture with the unadulterated beauty of nature. It is expertly made, with a live-edge wooden top, a deep black colour, and beautiful wooden barrel legs that embody tribal artistry. As this console turns into a chic focal point in any area, infuse your environment with the harmony of nature and contemporary.

Escape by Creatomy _ ACE


Presenting the “Pebble” coffee table: a fusion of art and practicality. This item, which was inspired by the concentric beauty of pebbles, has exquisite wood grains and a chic black stain finish. It’s a statement piece that brightens the living area, not just the furniture. With this intriguing invention, embrace the ideal fusion of nature and contemporary style and bring the spirit of “Indigenes” into the house. This distinctive and fashionable coffee table can upstyle and leave a lasting impression.


The ‘Sylvan’ dining table is here, modelled after India’s verdant tribal bamboo groves. The two wooden barrels with angular black-finished wood claddings appear to float above the sleek black table top. This table is a magnificent centrepiece that honours modern workmanship and the natural world by skillfully fusing contemporary style with the entrancing atmosphere of tribal woodlands. The ‘Sylvan’ dining table infuses the dining area with the essence of the bamboo canopy through its alluring presence, resulting in a distinctive and fashionable ambience fit for special occasions.

Escape by Creatomy _ ACE

‘Rue’ and ‘Reside’

Introducing the side tables “Rue” and “Reside.” These striking and stylish additions will elevate the area and provide a stylish touch to any place. These tables add style and functionality to your house with their sleek, modern design.

For more info visit : https://www.creatomy.com/


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