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ECMAS’s innovative approach to high-rise construction in India

ECMAS’s innovative approach to high-rise construction in India

The surge in population, rapid urbanisation, limited ground space, and escalating real estate costs have spurred the development of gated communities featuring high-rise structures, including super-tall constructions.

The demand for taller, superior, and more intricate buildings is on the rise in both commercial and residential sectors. As constructions delve deeper to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, the popularity of high-rise buildings has surged, necessitating top-tier construction materials such as high-performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, precast elements, and steel structures. Companies are adopting advanced construction methods to meet criteria related to sustainability, durability, stability, and maintenance. This trend creates opportunities for manufacturers of construction materials and chemicals to innovate and deliver measurable outcomes.

Offerings for high-rise construction and infrastructure projects

As a prominent provider of chemical solutions for the construction sector, ECMAS maintains close collaborations with industry frontrunners. Our comprehensive product line encompasses admixtures tailored for high-performance concrete, a wide choice of waterproofing solutions, repair and strengthening solutions, floorings, sealants, adhesives, thermal insulation, and protective coatings. These diverse offerings are meticulously crafted to meet the distinct technical requirements of various projects, ensuring durability and operational efficiency in the construction processes of high-rise structures.

Ecmas Construction Chemical _ ACE

Strong focus on R&D and innovation

Our company strongly emphasises research and technology, with innovation being a fundamental driver of our success. We allocate significant resources to the development and acquisition of new technologies through collaborations with industry experts and research institutes. Our dedication to innovation is highlighted by the recent introduction of locally manufactured Polyurethane Injections, designed to manage water leaks in underground constructions efficiently. Additionally, we have invested in producing high-performance liquid-applied Polyurethane membranes into our offerings, providing durable and sustainable solutions for waterproofing terraces and green areas. These solutions are tailored to address the technical challenges posed by large-scale projects, including pre-cast and steel deck slab buildings, infrastructure, and industrial projects. Our innovative WBD systems have proven very successful in waterproofing of deep basements, lift pits, sumps, UG tanks, STPs, etc.

Signature projects

With over four decades of industry experience, ECMAS has actively participated in a multitude of esteemed projects throughout India. Our portfolio includes successfully executed ventures for reputable corporations and real estate firms, encompassing residential and commercial developments, as well as critical infrastructure projects such as airports, metro rails, dams, flyovers, bridges, and roads. Our proficiency extends to government initiatives managed by diverse authorities, underscoring the adaptability and effectiveness of our solutions.

Future outlook on high-rise constructions

We hold a positive outlook on the future of the construction chemicals industry in India. The expanding real estate market, coupled with robust regulatory oversight, propels the construction of high-quality structures. The increasing emphasis on transparency in construction quality has generated a heightened demand for advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly products. Challenges such as managing underground water in deeper basements contribute to a substantial need for high-performance waterproofing solutions. Moreover, emerging trends like green and cool roofs underscore the importance of effective waterproofing and thermal insulation. The industry is actively exploring alternative construction materials to improve energy efficiency and reduce dependence on traditional materials such as cement and steel.


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