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Eco-friendly roofing can maximise space and provide thermal comfort

Eco-friendly roofing can maximise space and provide thermal comfort

Ar. Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran, Chief Architect at A PLUS R Architects, speaks about recent advancements and energy efficient roofing and cladding.

What are your recommendations for energy-efficient roofing or cladding for your clients in the industrial sector?

For clients in the industrial sector, we suggest using self-supported steel roofing as it provides a column-free area while maintaining resilience and strength. Additionally, we recommend using Puf sheets due to their lightweight nature, affordability, weather resistance, robustness, and ease of installation.

How is the demand for ecologically friendly roofing and cladding solutions being driven by the growing construction and infrastructure sectors?

Ecologically friendly roofing and cladding solutions maximise column-free spaces and provide occupants with thermal comfort. As they are affordable and sustainable, they are becoming a popular choice for a diverse clientele in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

What are the latest advancements and technologies in roofing and cladding design?

In recent years, solar roof tiles, invisible solar roof tiles, solar wall tiles, and photovoltaic glasses have gained popularity due to their aesthetics and environmental friendliness. Solar roof tiles, in particular, can prevent heat from entering a building and can turn trapped heat into solar energy, reducing the need for electricity.

Which green materials and solutions are gaining traction on construction sites for roofing and cladding?

Green building materials such as solar-powered clay tiles are gaining popularity due to their strength, wear, and sound resistance. They also aid in managing a building’s inside temperature by controlling the rooftop’s temperature through the air movement beneath them.


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