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Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Nitin Laxman Kadam, Managing Director at Skora, discusses the various water resistant solutions and their unique features. What is your company’s approach to sustainability, including using eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and energy conservation?  At Skora, we recognize the significance of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources and take responsibility for contributing to these efforts. […]

Eco-friendly roofing can maximise space and provide thermal comfort

Ar. Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran, Chief Architect at A PLUS R Architects, speaks about recent advancements and energy efficient roofing and cladding. What are your recommendations for energy-efficient roofing or cladding for your clients in the industrial sector? For clients in the industrial sector, we suggest using self-supported steel roofing as it provides a column-free area […]

“As India continues to urbanise and build smart cities, mobility and smart city safety becomes prime importance.”

The last sixteen months of mandatory work from home has highlighted the poor performances from the majority of the doors with heavy distractions noticed by each and everyone causing low concentration levels and inefficiencies. The day to day household noises from TV sets, music systems, pressure cookers, mixers, blenders, children playing at home etc. causing […]

Paint smart with Skora

The Smart Quartz Paint technology developed via rigorous research and development by Skora Paints has resulted in a coating system that protects walls and adorns them over a long period of time, says Nitin Laxman Kadam, Managing Director, Skora. With added durability and dirt repellence, it allows high breathability with low  water absorption to the […]

Prefabrication Acts as a Game Changer

In facades and building envelopes for high-rises construction, aluminium is the best material, associated with sustainable materials such as glass, composite panels, glass-reinforced concrete, etc. With the advancement in technology, construction has no limits. One wishes to go as high as possible. The effect of wind, seismic, and correspondent lateral stability systems to resist wind […]

Infusing Energy Efficiency in Highrises

Rajan Goregaoker, Founder of Ga Designs, speaks on how high-rise structures can be energy efficient by infusing solar panels on building façades. The glass itself acts as a solar energy generator. What are the significant considerations we need to note as we scale higher and higher? We always consider the necessity to look at how […]

Action Construction Equipment Ltd – Innovative MHE solutions for today

Committed towards “Lifting India’s Growth”, the company is continuously striving towards offering innovative products integrated with excellent customer support systems through a robust sales and service network ACE-Action Construction Equipment Ltd. is India’s leading Material Handling and Construction equipment manufacturing company incorporated in the year 1995. With a dominant market share of 63%, ACE is […]

75F HyperStat : A new future for connected, capable, and intelligent devices

400 years ago, a rudimentary thermostat was inventedto keep eggs warm. Programmable thermostats withbasic schedules have existed since 1906. Over the yearshumidity sensors and digital screens may have beenadded, BACnet connectivity or remote access, but until now, thedevice capability has remained relatively unchanged. The 75F HyperStat heralds a new future of more connected,capable, and intelligent […]