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Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Nitin Laxman Kadam, Managing Director at Skora, discusses the various water resistant solutions and their unique features.

What is your company’s approach to sustainability, including using eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and energy conservation?

 At Skora, we recognize the significance of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources and take responsibility for contributing to these efforts. In our manufacturing process, we use eco-friendly materials and implement measures to reduce waste and conserve energy. Our flagship products, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Grande, and Mr. Protect, are the only hydrophobic and breathable paints in the industry in India. Skora Paints offers superior protection against water and moisture while allowing surfaces to breathe, preventing cracking and peeling. These products have a 10–15 years lifespan, making them highly durable and cost-effective in the long run. 

How do Smart Paint and Coating differ from traditional paint and coating products? 

 Skora Paints leads the paint and coating industry with its innovative Smart Paint and Coating products. Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions and Smart Quartz technology sets us apart from traditional products. Our new Smart Shield Technology forms a hydrophobic and breathable shield on surfaces, preventing water and moisture from seeping through. Our products are also dirt-resistant and have anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. They feature an open porous system, allowing for expansion and contraction without cracking. Our emphasis on delivering exceptional quality and value has helped us build a loyal customer base. 

What are some of the key factors that contribute to the durability and longevity of exterior paints and coatings? 

 Our Smart Quartz-Shield technology makes our paints waterproof and hydrophobic, repelling water and preventing it from penetrating the walls. This makes our paints resistant to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snow, and UV radiation. Our Smart Breathe feature allows moisture to escape from the walls, preventing degradation from the inside out. Additionally, our Hydrophobic technology prevents moisture from penetrating the walls, which can cause flaking, peeling, and cracking in the future. Our paints also feature anti-mould and anti-bacterial technology, preventing mildew and bacteria growth in damp or moist areas. Furthermore, our paints are low in VOCs, making them eco-friendly and safe for people inside the structure.

How do you ensure that your paints comply with regulatory requirements, such as VOC limits, safety standards, and environmental regulations? 

 Our products comply with established VOC limits and safety and environmental regulations. We ensure product safety by implementing strict quality control measures, using eco-friendly raw materials, and maintaining low VOC content. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint through eco-friendly practices in our products and processes.


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