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End-to-end solar energy solutions for a greener tomorrow

End-to-end solar energy solutions for a greener tomorrow

This interaction delves into their approach towards enhancing durability, reliability, and environmental sustainability throughout the lifecycle of their solar panels.

What types of solar projects does INITIATIVES ENERGY AND INFRA specialise in?
REINITIATIVES ENERGY AND INFRA focus on ground—and roof-mounted solar projects ranging from 1 kW to MW. We provide setup consulting for group and captive projects using open-access rules. From residential to industrial installations, their end-to-end solutions ensure that solar energy systems are deployed efficiently and compliantly.


Can you share examples of a few successful projects?
We have finished a 125 kW project for a premium Pune society. This project, registered under the PM Har Ghar Yojana, has received a subsidy of ₹18 lakh. With our initial investment of Rs. 60 lakhs, the society can expect to profit by ₹31 lakhs a year. As proud TATA Power Solar channel partners, we have only used top-tier TATA Power Solar modules and materials to ensure great quality and performance. This milestone demonstrates our dedication to providing sustainable and cost-effective solar solutions that empower communities with renewable energy resources while maximising returns on investment.

What steps have been taken to enhance the durability and reliability of solar panels?
We are happy to supply products for TATA Power Solar, demonstrating our commitment to quality. The customer chose a structural auditor and a third-party inspector to oversee the installation. We confirm the project’s handover to society, indicating its effective completion. This demonstrates our dedication to openness, quality assurance, and client happiness, resulting in the smooth delivery of sustainable solar solutions.


How do you address environmental sustainability throughout the lifecycle of your solar panels?
TATA Power Solar is deeply committed to the complete lifecycle of solar panels. Our partnership with a well-known brand in the solar industry demonstrates our commitment to excellence. Customers seek TATA Power solar modules because they are reliable and provide peace of mind. At REI-INFRA, our primary goal is to provide projects of the highest quality, which our clients can proudly claim is carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable for 25 years. We endeavour to exceed expectations and ensure that each project benefits our clients and the environment.

For more information, visit: https://rei-infra.com/


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