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Energy efficiency for a residential and a commercial realm is not easily comparable

Energy efficiency for a residential and a commercial realm is not easily comparable

Density of a space plays a key role in energy efficiency and it is less in residential spaces as compared to commercial spaces points out Khozema Chitalwala, Principal Architect, Designers Group.

In the age of high rises is energy efficiency a challenge? 

Energy efficiency is not a challenge, but  something needs to be imbibed in designs,  irrespective of the design being low rise or  high rise although, the amount of energy  consumption required for a high rise  building profile is higher as compared to a  low rise or an affordable one due to the less  no. of frills in an affordable envelope. Also, high rise projects like huge glass facades also create an opportunity for energy harvesting.

What are some of the most efficient ways to make a building energy efficient? 

Energy efficiency can be achieved through various ways depending upon the location, building type, available resources etc. An energy efficient roof with solar panels may be incorporated for energy efficiency.  Efficient glazing systems can also be used for designing energy efficient building profiles. Apt use of daylight aids to the energy harvesting mechanism. Installing wind systems can also suffice the energy efficiency needs for a building.

Do you desire any policy changes to encourage the use of energy efficient buildings?

Most of the governing bodies are not very diligent about energy efficiency policies.  The organizations ready to invest in energy efficient realms are not getting enough subsidies or benefits from the authorities responsible. The need of the hour for the government is to look into related policies and encourage architects to function in this domain.

During an ongoing construction, what measures can be taken to achieve energy efficiency? 

Carbon footprints are not only controlled  by generic energy consumption, but one  can also reduce it using local materials and  indigenous resources available within the site  periphery or a certain range of couple of kms  instead of importing these resources from  distant locations.

When it comes to energy efficiency in residential vis-à-vis commercial spaces, how does it differ? 

Energy efficiency for a residential and a commercial realm is not easily comparable.  There is a huge difference in the pattern of usage of natural resources for residential and commercial premises and hence, the energy consumption differs accordingly. It is directly proportionate to the density of a space and therefore is relatively lower in a residence as compared to a commercial building. For commercial buildings, it usually depends upon the typology of the project.  For instance, there will a huge amount of difference in energy efficiency requirement for an institutional building and data centre.

Kindly cite an example of a completed project which epitomises energy efficiency? 

Wow Hotel is one such project where in the façade we have used Shera board and Dgo glass.


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