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Etreluxe unveils new furniture design

Etreluxe unveils new furniture design

The innovative outdoor furniture designer DEDON has unveiled Nestrest, their most recent design. Beyond being just another type of garden sofa, it’s a small architectural marvel that reimagines what outdoor leisure means.

Nestrest is a revolutionary garden sofa that is available in India through Etreluxe. It flawlessly combines protection, comfort, and organic style. Its unusual design offers a remote, suspended haven, softly swaying in a reassuring embrace. Nestrest is designed to be the perfect combination of form and function, whether you’re using it for outdoor talks, meditation, or moments of relaxation.

Etreluxe Unveils Nestrest _ ACE

Nestrest captures the essence of outdoor tranquilly by drawing inspiration from the forms, textures, and colours present in nature, as well as the elaborate patterns of some bird nests. Made with a newly created DEDON fibre, Nestrest has a strong, dense weave. This special material forms an airy, ventilated, and private cocoon that lets residents enjoy the view without compromising their privacy. Nestrest defies expectations with its lightweight design, weighing in at just 100kg and supported by an aluminium frame.

Etreluxe Unveils Nestrest _ ACE

Nestrest blends in perfectly with any outdoor environment and is available in both natural and chalk colours. With a specialised rope system, it may be suspended from trees or other supports. A single mattress cushion with enough size and luxurious craftsmanship is the focal point of the Nestrest interior. A selection of tiny cushions decorates the main cushion, adding to the overall comfort and creating a cosy haven.

For more info visit: https://www.etreluxeindia.com/


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