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Saint-Gobain Gyproc offers cutting-edge building solutions

Saint-Gobain Gyproc offers cutting-edge building solutions

These innovative products from Saint-Gobain Gyproc represent a paradigm shift in the building industry and represent solutions that go above and beyond conventional standards.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc, a renowned brand in innovative alternative building solutions, is pleased to offer a revolutionary selection of cutting-edge products that have the potential to completely revolutionise architectural paradigms and raise industry standards. Glasroc X stands out as an innovative gypsum board for exterior walls. It is unique in that it is resistant to UV rays, mould, and deterioration, making it an essential component for maintaining structural integrity in outside applications.

Metlance, the pinnacle of architectural sophistication in Gyproc’s range, combines elegant design elements with carefree maintenance to create ceilings that are both beautiful and practical. Concurrently, the launch of Habito Standard Board—a sturdy 13mm gypsum board—evidences its appropriateness for high-traffic commercial settings. This board is carefully designed to withstand heavy loads up to 15 kg of point load capacity without the need for additional support. With its inherent moisture resistance, strong 15 kg point load capability, and formidable impact resistance, Rigiroc, a multipurpose 13 mm gypsum board, redefines utility and further demonstrates Gyproc’s dedication to innovation. Its versatility covers a wide range of construction applications, from home plasterboard to settings that require moisture-resistant solutions, such as hospitals and schools.

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Glasroc X is a unique product that represents a fundamental change in the way exterior wall applications are approached. It features remarkable dimensional stability, unbreakable UV protection, and resistance to the dangers of mould, moisture, and heat. Because of its 100% recyclable nature, it is a perfect fit for environmentally conscious, long-lasting, and high-performing construction methods. Metlance, on the other hand, offers a revolutionary line of architectural metal ceiling tiles that embody cutting-edge design aspects and flawlessly blend low-maintenance elegance with innovation, making them suitable for a variety of architectural types and settings.

As a symbol of durability and impact resistance, the Habito Standard Board skillfully satisfies the requirements of demanding loading applications across a range of commercial areas while guaranteeing sustainability, longevity, and dependability. Rigiroc meets the requirements of moisture resistance and maintains strong impact resistance with its versatile usefulness in both wet and dry locations. Because it is made entirely of recyclable, low-VOC materials, its lifetime carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

All products are designed to be long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and to perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications. The projects Glasroc X, Metlance, Habito Standard Board, and Rigiroc represent the height of innovation; they redefine excellence standards and respond to the changing needs of contemporary building, ushering in a new era of functional and aesthetically pleasing architecture, not only in India but throughout the world.

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