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FAIRMATE introduces groundbreaking Mould Release VR

FAIRMATE introduces groundbreaking Mould Release VR

From timber’s enduring strength to steel’s structural integrity, and from the flexibility of plywood to the adaptability of plastic-faced materials, our newly developed FAIRMATE Mould Release VR integrates with various formwork types, catering to diverse construction practices and maximising overall project success, avers FAIRMATE CHEMICALS.

FAIRMATE’s Mould Release VR is a groundbreaking formulation that facilitates smooth demoulding processes while safeguarding the quality and appearance of concrete surfaces. This ready-to-use water emulsion mould release agent has a unique composition; it is made from non-toxic vegetable oils, making it both eco-friendly and a superior alternative to conventional mould oils. Its chemicals react with the concrete’s alkali, forming a protective water-repellent layer on the formwork’s surface. This makes mould stripping easy and shields steel and wooden formworks. Additionally, it reduces cement paste buildup on shutter surfaces, making cleanup quick and easy. A quick additional coat readies the shuttering for reuse, saving time during construction.


• Its eco-friendly formulation minimises environmental impact while providing a high-performance mould-release solution.

• It elevates the visual appeal of projects by giving uniform textures and finishes.

• Designed to work across various formwork types, it simplifies construction procedures while its adaptability reduces complexity, making it a versatile tool that enhances project efficiency.

• Its non-staining properties help maintain the visual appeal of construction materials.

• With reduced cleaning efforts, it expedites construction timelines.

• Its streamlined process facilitates quicker reuse of shuttering, contributing to overall construction speed.

Application areas

FAIRMATE Mould Release VR can be used across various construction projects, offering comprehensive formwork compatibility and catering to a range of materials, including:

• Plywood: Offering flexibility and ease of use, the formulation ensures clean release, enabling the formwork to be reused efficiently.

• Timber: Known for its natural resilience, timber formwork finds widespread use. The agent’s application on timber surfaces guarantees easy demoulding and preservation for subsequent use.

• Steel: Renowned for its strength and durability, steel formwork is a staple in heavy-duty projects. The formulation ensures swift and hassle-free stripping, allowing the steel formwork to be redeployed effectively.

• Aluminum: Leveraging aluminium formwork’s lightweight and reusability attributes, the FAIRMATE Mould Release VR makes stripping and reusability easy, contributing to the efficiency of the construction process.

• Plastic-faced formwork and moulds: The versatility of plasticfaced formwork and moulds is enhanced by the formulation, which simplifies the demoulding process and maintains the integrity of these materials, contributing to extended usability.

• Frame protection: Beyond safeguarding concrete surfaces, this agent extends its benefits to window and door frames, shielding them from potential damage due to plaster and mortar splashes to increase their longevity and appearance.

FAIRMATE manufactures a complete range of construction chemicals that can be broadly classified as concrete admixtures, waterproofing systems, engineering grouts, industrial floor surfaces, surface treatments, concrete repairs, fixing solutions for tiles & stone, protective coating, sealants, readyplast, highway repair, and architectural finishes.

The company provides cost-effective solutions and world-class services to the Speciality Construction Chemical Industry. It has a technical collaboration with Resin Building Products of the UK. Its continuous R&D has resulted in more than 500 products in the Civil Engineering Industry.

For more info visit: http://www.fairmate.com


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