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TRUEVALUE at Spartan allows organisations to focus on core development 

TRUEVALUE at Spartan allows organisations to focus on core development 

“Spartan is a Mumbai-based leading ISO 9001 2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of Bar Bending Machines, Bar Cutting Machines, Passenger & Material Hoists, Multi-Functional, Material Hoists, Rope Suspended Platforms & Lift Shaft, Stirrup Bending Machines, Spiral Bending Machines, Firemen Evacuation Lifts, Concrete Placer Booms & Car Parking Solutions.” Dr. Vikram Mehta is the managing director of Spartan Engineering Industries. Pvt. Ltd.

Spartan Engineering Industries, established in 1971, has earned consistent customer appreciation by dedicating itself to unlearning, relearning, and evolving over five decades. The company, embodying a fighter spirit, is committed to perfection in every aspect, creating narratives of reliability and trust. Pursuing excellence is an ongoing process of enhancing products, services, quality, and relationships. Spartan has expanded internationally, securing dealership agreements in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and plans to be present in 25 countries by 2027. With a history of market leadership in India, Spartan is now aggressively targeting global markets, establishing its own office in Dubai and aiming for leadership in the UAE market under the guidance of an experienced industry professional.

· 5000+ Machines onsite every year

· Exports 25+ countries worldwide

· 4000+ Satisfied Customers

· 150+ well trained Engineers & Technicians

· 30+ National & International Awards

Spartan Engineering Industries operates three key factories: Atgaon, with the capability to assemble and manufacture 50 Hoists and 15 Boom Placers monthly, featuring a separate shed for Truevalue’s rental and refurbishment business division, equipped with Quality Management Systems (QMS) processes like Kaizen, 5S, and ZED; Kalwa Factory in New Mumbai, boasting a capacity of manufacturing 500 cutting and bending machines, including a specialised section for spare parts and well-equipped design and quality infrastructure; and Bhiwandi in Thane, capable of producing 25 hoists and 250 safety devices monthly, featuring efficient assembly, logistics, and quality check systems along with skilled personnel.

Spartan Engineering Industries has undertaken significant upgrades in two key product lines. The Invictus Series of Bar Cutting & Bending Machines, known for their ruggedness and accuracy in India, are produced in an advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, making them suitable for diverse site conditions nationwide. Spartan’s expertise in safety and reliability is reflected in these efficient machines, widely used in major Indian cities and various infrastructure projects. Similarly, Spartan has upgraded its Invictus Series of passenger and material hoists, where the company holds a leadership position with over 60 percent market share in India.

With a range of hoist models from 1 to 10-ton capacity designed and manufactured according to European safety standards, all models are CE-certified by international agencies. These hoists cater to diverse applications, including building construction, bridge construction, underground projects, surveillance towers, warehouses, and industrial applications like power plants, steel plants, and cement plants. Spartan Hoists also incorporate the latest industrial IoT technology for real-time monitoring and data analysis, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

TRUEVALUE, a SPARTAN Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd division, distinguishes itself as a premier construction equipment asset management company based in Mumbai. Offering the latest and well-maintained construction equipment with minimal maintenance requirements, TRUEVALUE allows organisations to focus on core development or construction activities without the burdens of asset management, technology upgrades, ownership costs, and maintenance hassles. Specialising in fleet management, TRUEVALUE serves construction companies, civil contractors, project developers, EPC majors, and individual equipment owners, handling emergency maintenance and ensuring optimal fleet performance.

In addition to construction equipment, Spartan Engineering Industries introduces automated car parking solutions tailored to builders and developers. Leveraging their expertise in the construction industry, Spartan’s Car Parking System division designs, implements and maintains advanced parking systems to maximise space utilisation, enhance security, and improve efficiency for residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Spartan is committed to meeting evolving client needs and offers a range of customisable car parking solutions. Various types of parking systems include stack parking, puzzle parking, tower parking, car lift, and bike stackers.

For more info visit: https://spartanindia.com/


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