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Furniture Tech releases its new line of optimally opulent furniture

Furniture Tech releases its new line of optimally opulent furniture

Furniture Tech intends to bring in a symbiotic amalgamation of art and craft through its idiosyncratic design thinking process in manufacturing furniture.

The Delhi-based luxurious furniture manufacturing brand Furniture Tech by Piyush Soni has released its new line of optimally opulent furniture that can cater to a wide variety of design aesthetics for people from all walks of life. Their catalogue for the year 2022 includes a myriad of designs that look beautiful in any given application while also retaining the quaint charm that all pieces of furniture aspire to have. For them, the notion is to transpire a range that celebrates the conventional form of furniture into a contemporary context of colour, art and culture.

By bifurcating their pieces into given style choices, like mid-century modern, contemporary, and urban, they have been able to streamline the buying process for the client. While being an uber opulent and luxurious furniture design and manufacturing company, Furniture Tech also outlines tailor-made complex geometries and transcends scale, redefining the world with extraordinary furniture designs.

This accent chair and ottoman set might seem delusively simple at first, but one of the titular and genre-defining product in this collection is this grey-backed set. Using sustainable materials like reclaimed wood and fabric, this  accent chair and ottoman set is a perfect fit for those who love to champion the rights of Mother Earth. With dimensions – 600mm(W) x 750mm(D) X 850mm(H), this product is ideal for folks who love to stretch out after a long hard day at work. Coated with PU polish, this chair is durable and also extremely fashionable.

This masterful spectacle hammered by master artisans, employing ancient techniques, meticulously etching each detail with their hands to get the desired finish, revolutionizes the stereotypical table designs. The four-legged side table that was simple and sober is given an avant-garde makeover. With a giant wheel integrated to highlight this design, there has been a meticulous re-engineering of the side table to provide it with a dramatic vibe. We have been used to the sub-par quality of side tables whose hinges get rusty, and the space is seemingly not enough when it comes to storage. This side table, by Furniture Tech, is a beautiful interplay of form and function. The myriad in materiality, including cane drawer, marble top, wood, PU paint, and brass, combine in harmony to redefine side tables with a vintage look and feel. Say goodbye to old hinges and hello to endless storage space with this new side table. 


Benches are something that people are used to seeing outside, in a public space such as a municipal office or a park. What if Furniture Tech presented you with a newly innovative bench that can easily become a mainstay in your homes. Made with recycled wood, this bench-style loveseat reveals beauty in detail. A captivating harmony of art and amenity, this product brings class and adds the convenience element into your space being functional. Both comfortable and charming in nature, this bench upholstered in fabric can warm itself quickly over to any home and can also be the highlight of the living room. The beauty of the bench lies in its versatility, and hence, it can be a perfect fit in any given household. 


This ultra-chic dining table design showcases an exclusive design form and a definite character that serves as a great way to enjoy family meals over stimulating conversations. This is also a durable product resistant to humidity, stains, and hot water. Crafted with sustainable techniques, the making of this piece makes it all the more enamoring in nature. With smart use of geometry, this seemingly innocuous dining table is made from reclaimed wood and is polished with a plastic-free coat. Additionally, a metal finish makes this table much more regal in nature, thereby making it a showstopper when placed in any home or living room. 


A household staple nowadays, this study desk and chair is another piece of timeless art. With the current scenario where the pandemic has put corporates and students into work/ study from home, a study has become an essential part of a house, and a study table like this can remarkably grace your study. Apart from being upholstered in fabric, this furniture piece is made of wood harvested sustainably, embracing style and functionality. Ideal for families with kids, this study table can be decorated to the heart’s content, enthralling the overall ambiance of your living space. The fabric integrated is sustainably grown and harvested, leading to a carbon-neutral output for the entire manufacturing process for the product.

The thoughtfully curated collection comprises of multiple products with varied uses like an end table, coffee table, study table, accent chairs, each piece showcasing an exceptional design philosophy and an unquestionable essence.



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