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Fusion of art, functionality and culture in airport projects by ABM

Fusion of art, functionality and culture in airport projects by ABM

Aahana Miller, Principal Architect at ABM, speaks about their journey and approach to creating welcoming, efficient, and culturally resonant airport spaces.

Key projects

Our airport projects with the interior design of Mumbai International Airport’s (MIAL) Terminal 2 B&C, serving as a temporary measure until the new Terminal 2. Notably, we collaborated with renowned artist Rajeev Sethi and artisans to create a comprehensive art program for the new terminal. Our portfolio expanded in 2010 with projects like MIAL Offices and the GA Terminal, followed by the Domestic Lounge, VIP Lounge, and VVIP Lounge at Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) in 2013. The award-winning CIP Lounge at MIAL T2 stood out in 2014. Continuing with MIAL, we designed the East side Domestic and International Lounges.

 In 2015, we introduced ‘Niranta’ Day Hotels and the innovative Ceremonial Lounge at MIAL Terminal 2, which recently underwent a revamp. Currently, we’re engaged in various projects, including the redevelopment of T1B Arrival, retail expansion in T2, and finalising the design of BIAL Reserved Lounges at Bangalore International Airport Terminal 2. Our contribution to airport interior projects extends beyond design to encompass engineering, infrastructure, and implementation.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality

ABM’s success lies in understanding the project’s scope and context, enabling it to strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether it’s crafting a beautiful lounge or a technical security area, their years of experience enable them to design effectively for each project’s unique needs.

Integrating technology and security

Keeping airports updated with the latest technology and security features is paramount. ABM emphasises research and development, meticulous attention to detail, and usability when integrating these elements into the architectural design. Currently, they are working on staff and MLCP washrooms at MIAL T2, aiming to blend cutting-edge washroom technologies with a fresh style.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

 ABM places a strong emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. Collaborating with clients, they select locally sourced materials and integrate interior design with the terminal’s sustainability concept. Notably, at Bangalore International Airport, the “garden city” location underscores their commitment to sustainability and green spaces.

Reflecting local culture and identity

ABM recognises that each city has its distinct identity. Mumbai’s MIAL T2 boasts a 3km long Art Program incorporating local artworks across India. Meanwhile, Bangalore Airport, situated in the “garden city,” emphasises sustainability and green spaces, reflecting the local ethos. Despite both airports being designed by the same U.S.-based architectural firm, SOM, they exhibit distinct aesthetics and design philosophies that align with their respective locales.

Airport design is a multifaceted endeavour, encompassing not only functionality and efficiency but also aesthetics that reflect local culture and identity. ABM, an architectural and interior design firm with extensive experience in airport projects, excels in striking this balance.

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