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Genius Loci elevates landscape design beyond form and function

Genius Loci elevates landscape design beyond form and function

This interaction with Studio Arth delves into landscaping. Guided by the principle that nature is the best architect, Studio Arth embraces the challenge of creating spaces that seamlessly blend human ingenuity with the beauty of the natural world.

Can you provide an overview of your experience working on landscaping projects and highlight some of the key projects you’ve been involved in?

We primarily work on high-end residential projects in areas like Miami and Golden Beach. In addition to residential projects, our expertise extends to boutique restaurants and art centres, where we bring a unique and artistic touch to landscape design.

Some key projects we’ve been involved in include transforming private residences into havens of organic, biodiverse landscapes incorporating elements that elevate outdoor spaces’ overall aesthetic and ecology.

What is your approach to integrating landscape design with architectural planning?

The landscape is designed to integrate with the built form harmoniously and respond to the daily rituals and movements of the inhabitants. We craft landscapes that evolve organically, weaving a seamless, organic path leading to the built form. Small hubs of activity are interspersed within the landscape, creating opportunities for relaxation and socialising, allowing one to enjoy the tropical sunshine or breeze. In most designs, we aim to introduce landscape elements that engage all senses, adding colour, texture, and vibrancy through planting. This creates a cosy home garden for the family while curating a habitat for native birds, bees, and butterflies. Ultimately, landscape designs should emulate nature to foster thriving ecosystems for neighbourhood ecology.

When designing landscapes, how do you consider the local climate, soil conditions, and native vegetation to create sustainable and environmentally friendly designs?

Designing with a focus on the local environment, with a deep understanding of factors like soil conditions, climate, and native vegetation, is critical. Each plant species is uniquely adapted to its local zone, having evolved or adapted to specific conditions, making them resilient to local weather changes and natural disasters. We emphasise the use of native plants, considering them as resilient contributors to the local ecosystem. Our design approach goes beyond crafting private gardens; instead, we seek to craft havens of comfort for inhabitants, indigenous birds, and butterflies. By selecting nectar-rich flowering plants and native species, home gardens can provide essential food sources for pollinators like hummingbirds and bees. Incorporating features like bird baths offers water sources for these local fauna, further enhancing the ecological appeal of the garden.

For more info visit : https://www.studioarth.com/


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