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Green, clean and innovative sanitary

The awareness of sustainability and green living has influenced the sanitary ware world to go for new development
Time has changed. With time, lifestyle has also changed. Not only that, people have changed the way they use water and energy. These all cumulatively pave the way to green building. The sanitary ware industry also evolved with the time and requirement.
Role in green buildingsDuravit is one such company which has grown up with time. “Already for decades, the company’s history has been shaped by the awareness for sustainable values and actions,” remarks Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India. “The responsible use of resources has become an essential part of every new development. This continues to give rise to new product ideas that contribute to a responsible future.”
Kohler isn’t fall behind either. The company has contributed strongly in this area through products which are designed for green rated buildings. “We have WCs which are designed to perform while saving on water (lesser water consumption),” explains Salil Sadanandan, Managing Director, Kohler India. “Also, we have faucet products like showerheads which are designed to deliver same quality showering by using lesser water. This is done by innovatively designing the waterways in the showerheads.”
Roca is also committed to the environment in terms of both its products and its production processes. Pau Abello, MD, Roca, claims, “We are keenly aware that water is a unique and limited resource, and have therefore spent over 50 years developing water and energy-saving devices for our products, thereby contributing to more balanced and sustainable co-existence with the environment. Our products exemplify the commitment to energy and water saving and their use can help real estate developers meet the most stringent of green building rating systems across the world.
Promoting green buildingsIn general, the sanitary industry has been making a decisive contribution in terms of global sustainability targets for many years. According to Mr Shah, “The upcoming challenge will be developing innovative solutions and to optimise existing technologies that are already on a very high level today. That includes water saving as well as energy saving and environmentally friendly production processes.”
It’s the sum of various actions that makes the difference, and that’s why Duravit is dedicated on investing in modern technologies to provide the structural framework for sustainability efforts.
Achieving sustainability in architectureGoing green is the new buzzword. Not only that, it has also become necessity for the better future. “Over the last few years, the architect community has begun to vehemently lay emphasis on sustainability when constructing new real estate projects,” explains Mr Abello. “Customers too have begun to see the long-term benefits of green buildings. Together all stakeholders can ensure usage of materials and products that are eco-friendly and can achieve an eco-system that is highly sustainable.”
While talking about Roca and its role in sustainability, Mr Abello says that Roca works with the conviction that technological innovation constitutes an essential element for achieving progressive development and this also holds the key to full sustainability. Keeping this goal in mind, Roca uses state-of-the-art technology in all subsidiaries and all phases of its production process.
Future with IndiaWith the new Modi-fied government and several optimistic policies, the India Inc. is cruising smoothly towards the future, and sanitary ware market is also positive about its future. “India is an important market for us, and we continue to increase our focus on products and services in the country,” says Mr Sadanandan. “We aim to increase our footprint across the country with increased penetration through launching showrooms. Keeping with the Indian consumer’s preferences, we will launch innovative products that are high on technology, luxury and design. Some products like Pureclean are targeted at bringing about a habit change in the consumer, thus setting new trends in bathware and sanitation.”
However, Kohler doesn’t have any specific investment target. It is going to continue to expand. It has well over a $100 million dollars invested in India. Kohler is going to continue to expand our facilities here in India.
Essential products for green buildingsRoca has positioned itself as a reference point for design, technology and sustainable development. Its Roca L20 with cold start system is one of its most important products for green design. The  eco-click  water  saving  system,  allows  one  to  cut  water  consumption by  up to  50 per cent.  The  frontal  cold  water  start  system  effectively  helps  save  energy  by  preventing the boiler from firing up when not needed. Adjustable flows from 0-100 per fect, controllable levers,  automatic  shut  offs,  electronic  faucets  with  intelligent  systems  that limit  the  flow  of water  to  6  litres  per  minute,  thermostatic  faucets  that  are  equipped  with  temperature  control and waterless  urinals with  electronic  flush  systems  are  some  of the  unique Roca  products that amalgamate innovation with eco-friendly technology. “We also have revolutionary products like the W+W (integrated wash basin and water closet) which helps save space and water both,” claims Mr Abello. “This is a single unit that filters the wastewater from the basin and reuses it in the discharge of the cistern.”
Duravit, which has become a legent in bathroom ceramic with history of two century, is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture and accessories. The Duravit Rimless technology offers an efficient solution wherever optimum hygiene is required. Its innovative and effective flushing technology delivers optimum flushing results with small water volumes as 4.5 litres. And thanks to the open rim less cleanser is needed. The McDry urinal and the Architec Dry urinal even operate without any water. “A purely plant-based and thus biodegradable sealing liquid effectively prevents unpleasant odours,” says Mr Shah. “The siphon, like the urinal itself, is made from robust, durable sanitary ceramic.”
It would be incomplete without mentioning Kohler and its sanity products that are essential for green designs. Its Brive toilet combines superlative design with superior flushing capabilities to provide the best category experience. Super engineering enables twin streams of water to be channelled along either side of the rim till they merge in front. The resultant wave is so powerful that it removes bulk and light waste in one go while consuming less water. Then there is Katalyst, a revolutionary patent-pending air induction technology that maximises the air-water mix to deliver a dense invigorating showering experience. Mr Sadanandan informs that Katalyst technology injects 2 litres of air into the water flow per minute, making every drop bigger and more luxurious whilst saving water.
Kohler has a fabulous product names Steward waterless urinal which can help a building earn water-efficiency points in the LEED certification. ___________________________________________Together all stakeholders can ensure usage of materials and products that are eco-friendly and can achieve an eco-system that is highly sustainable.
Pau Abello, MD, Roca_____________________________________
Katalyst technology injects 2 litres of air into the water flow per minute, making every drop bigger and more luxurious whilst saving water.
Salil Sadanandan,Managing Director, Kohler India_________________________________
Already for decades, the company’s history has been shaped by the awareness for sustainable values and actions,
Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India


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