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Hilti – Keeping airports safe and secure from fire hazards

Hilti – Keeping airports safe and secure from fire hazards

Considering different kind of fire accidents that we counter every day, fire accidents at airport are the fatal ones because it brings occupant lives and assets in danger because fire and smoke together continue to be the greatest threats to the safety of travelers/occupants and the protection of all aircrafts both in peacetime and during combat operations.

As per Center for Fire Statistics report published in 2017, it shows India has been in top-10 countries across the world where fire accident happens leading to people losing their lives, damaging assets.

And that’s why our NBC-2016 has classified different building type and the need of fire stopping based on the type of building and height to avoid these hazardous accidents. Airport falls in Group-E building category which represents business building type. In addition to building category, NBC-2016 defines the need of fire compartment to be designed based on building type and importance of fire barrier to seal all the weak links which may become a cause of fire breakouts at airport projects.

As per NFPA report, the trend for major fire breakouts are from below mentioned area of concern:
And the only thought that always strikes our mind is that how we can control these fire accidents to avoid fatal accidents and protect our assets. These accidents aren’t uncontrollable and with the right set of safety measures it can be controlled easily- Balanced approach triangle clearly shows that how the fire accidents can be controlled with effective usage of active and passive fire-protection system.

And that’s Hilti offers all the system which is important for fire safety at airport by sealing all kind of electrical, mechanical penetration based on the compartmentation and joints which are the weak links in façade to spandrel and wall to slab with the right listed and tested system tested as per ASTM standards depending on application at third party labs like UL or Intertek and offering actual system certificates which are designed as per the actual application and site needs pertaining to fire and hose rating as mentioned in our Indian testing standard for fire resistance of through penetration firestops-method of test.

We offer vast range of solution for MEP and Joint application and cover all the additional attributes together with fire stopping which can drive health and safety at airport project which will enhance the building performance.

And its not only imprtant to seal the opening based on compartmentation but NBC-2016 clearly defines the need of fire and life saftey audits for building above 15 meter height in every two years which clearly shows that a proper documentation especially at airport project is a must to ensure safeguard proper installation of fire rated system which has been designed and selected for the work that being carried out.
Hilti offers one stop solution from product, software and services to ensure three key imperative to avoid any fatal fire accident- saving lives, protecting assets and enhancing the building performance.

For more information, contact:

Priyadarshini Singh
Product Manager- Fire Protection
Email: priyadarshini.singh@hilti.com
Web: www.hilti.com


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