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Smart paint with smart painters to build smart airports

Skora’s Smart Quartz Paint technology is extremely eco-friendly and hydrophobic in nature, which keeps any property healthy from inside as well as outside.

For the very first time in India, Skora brings a revolutionary offering in the form of a state-of-the-art Smart Quartz Paint and Painters’ service to keep your family safe and sound at airports. This technology has been developed by Skora through rigorous research and development that finally resulted in a coating system that possesses a unique set of attributes like no other in the industry. Gone are the days of warranties that come with endless terms and conditions that ultimately leave you with no choice but to repaint within a few years. Our Smart 360-degree hydrophobic and breathable paint not only protects your infrastructure but with our Smart Painters service, we also give a 100 per cent guarantee to cover the performance of our coatings up to 12 years.

Skora’s Smart Quartz Paint technology is extremely eco-friendly and hydrophobic in nature, which keeps any property healthy from inside as well as outside. Our paint is formed by the fiberglass technology that acts like a crystalline shield which keeps all the germs, bacteria and viruses away. Four coats of our paint prevent harmful algae and mould from forming. Thus, this unique property is not only antibacterial, antifungal and anti-algal; but also, truly breathable in nature. It allows any existing moisture beneath the surface to easily escape the substrate rather than being locked within which would cause problems related to dampness over time.

This smart attribute of Smart Quartz Paint allows cement-based substrates to cure fully and build strength over time. The dry zone created beneath the surface by Smart Quartz Paint will protect all the passengers for more than 12 years to come and it will also maintain the integrity of the airport. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the Smart Quartz Paint, surfaces are rendered with a self-cleaning technology that washes away dirt and dust particles during rainfall. The technology also reflects harmful IR radiation from the sun, which prevents cracking, flaking, and eventually chipping off the surface. With the substrate kept cool and safe from cracking, UV radiation too cannot harm the paint quality over time.

Vilas Chodankar, Vice President, Kalpataru Ltd shared his experience of using Skora Paints and said, “I was looking for a hydrophobic paint with breathablity for our heritage property at Mahabaleshwar. I discovered Skora and its unique formulation which was applied in the year of 2015. Mahabaleshwar is one of the highest rainfall regions in India with almost 500-inch annual rainfall. Such high humidity ruins the integrity of any building. But with Skora, even today the performance of the coating is fantastic. Where all other paints and coatings had failed earlier, Skora continues to do a truly incredible job of warding off even 500-inch of rainfall.”

The extensive set of smart attributes of Smart Quartz Paint has been rigorously tested to check the weathering effect on Smart Quartz Paint as opposed to conventional paints in the industry. And also, our Smart Painters always execute every painting project as per the prescribed application procedure to ensure the best possible results for your infrastructure. The ongoing tests have resulted in Smart Quartz Paint being virtually unscathed and in extremely good condition as opposed to conventional paint and can outlast all conventional paint systems which have led Skora to boldly offer 100 per cent guarantee on its Smart Quartz Paint. Thus, at the very heart of Skora lies our promise of trust to keep all the interiors and exteriors safe from the elements while looking beautiful.

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