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Indulge in luxurious bathing with Perk Bath Care

Indulge in luxurious bathing with Perk Bath Care

With luxury in every drop and safety in every detail, Perk Bath Care redefines the art of bathing.

At Perk, we firmly believe that a luxurious bathing experience should never compromise your safety or comfort. Our meticulously crafted products blend sophistication and practicality, ensuring that every moment in your bathroom is delightful and secure.

For over three decades, the Perk bath care brand has gained worldwide acclaim as a symbol of grace, luxury, and ergonomic ingenuity. Our offerings have become synonymous with grandeur, adorning prestigious locations like upscale residences, luxury hotels, resorts, spas, and yachts. This unique range caters to discerning clients who value craftsmanship and contemporary living. Furthermore, Perk Healthcare has ingeniously developed various products to ensure seniors a comfortable and secure bathing journey.

As people age, experiencing unsteadiness during movement becomes common, often requiring additional assistance for the elderly and differently-abled. Perk’s bathroom offerings are thoughtfully curated to enhance safety without compromising joy, especially for older adults and those with limited mobility. Since the bathroom is a hotspot for accidents at home, the importance of having bathing products that cater to diverse age groups and capabilities cannot be overstated. Perk offers an extensive lineup of bathing solutions suitable for various age segments, striking a perfect balance between safety and elegance. These products blend aesthetics and utility seamlessly and are renowned for their exceptional build quality, durability, and intrinsic value.

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Guided by innovative ideas and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Perk has carved its name as a beloved global brand, resonating strongly in India and beyond. The brand’s dedication to top-tier performance and flawless execution is evident throughout the product development process, from ideation to customer support. Perk operates under the umbrella of RS Sanitation Pvt Ltd, a pioneering manufacturer of premium bathroom accessories and high-end sanitary ware. With ISO 9001-certified Mumbai and New Delhi facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, RS Sanitation brings unmatched value to sanitary engineering and bathroom enhancements.

The ‘Perk’ brand proudly holds the title of Asia’s Most Promising Brand and enjoys a global reputation for its unmatched excellence in bath care products. Perk boasts a diverse and ever-expanding range of bath care accessories, including faucets tailored to individual preferences and current market trends. This adaptability and unwavering commitment to innovation empower the brand to maintain its leadership position, consistently surpassing expectations through its product offerings.

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The Perk bath care brand has firmly established itself as a symbol of luxury, grace, and ergonomic brilliance. Our product range prioritises safety and comfort, addressing the needs of seniors and differently-abled individuals. Perk’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, superior manufacturing standards, and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction have firmly positioned it as a global bath care industry leader. With a versatile catalogue that continues to evolve, Perk remains dedicated to fulfilling customer desires and redefining industry standards.

For more info: https://www.perkindia.com/


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