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Inhabit launches Equine, a bespoke collection of furniture

Inhabit launches Equine, a bespoke collection of furniture

Neeta Kumar has just launched a bespoke series of furniture pieces – Equine. Made with luxurious materials and exhibiting innovative design, every piece crafted meticulously.

“Your home is both a sanctuary and a canvas for self-expression,” says Neeta Kumar.

With her keen anti-minimal and passionately original approach to design, Neeta Kumar, furniture and interior designer, and Founder of Inhabit, has charted her own unique path in the interior decor world.


As the name suggests, the Equine collection is a magnificent range of furniture, which is evocative of the elegance, grace and vitality of horses. The striking Equine series comprises bold furniture pieces featuring forms and motifs that symbolize the qualities associated with horses—personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Here, the horse spirit animal takes into account different ways to look at this animal’s symbolism, showcasing positive and negative meanings, so the viewer can decide which one resonates with them.

The novel Equine collection comprises statement chairs, a sofa set and a dining table. The furniture pieces exhibit equine-inspired motifs, an earthy colour palette and are crafted from high-end materials. The series has an exquisite design aesthetic, while still being functional. The Equine range is ideal for animal lovers that like to socialize and host at home.

Inhabit offers furniture pieces that meet the needs of a refined and sophisticated clientele. The brand’s products showcase the best of craftsmanship integrated with exquisite design, perfect for contemporary Indian homes.


For more info visit :  http://www.neetakumar.com



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