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It’s the sheer choice that makes tiles an attractive option

It’s the sheer choice that makes tiles an attractive option

Rohit Suraj, Founder, Urban Zen believes tiles as a medium are no longer a ‘compromise’ but instead an’option’.

What are some of the key areas in interiors where tiles can be used effectively?

Tiles have taken on a significant role, particularly, in the last decade, in the finishing of both interior and exterior spaces. While in the past, flooring (in a home) and cladding (in bathrooms particularly) were the main areas of use, modern manufacturing techniques have made tiles an option even for staircases, ceilings and decorative panelling across homes and commercial establishments.

From a 12cm X 12cm to large slabs, how have tiles evolved beyond amere component restricted to hotels, bath spaces and hospitals?

It’s the sheer choice that makes tiles an attractive option. From porcelain to ceramic, glass to metal or even cement to mosaic tiles, tiles by itself is no longer a medium for only the ones on a budget. On the contrary many tile manufacturers have moved into ‘exotics’ be it in large formats or textured and decorated surfaces. Mosaics itself through varying mediums have become in many cases ‘aspirational’ for most. Companies like SICIS Gigacer, Mutina and Mirage amongst others have really taken tile and mosaic making to a level that’s ‘artisanal’ in many ways. Tiles as a medium are no longer a ‘compromise’ but instead an ’option’ and at the upper end of the spectrum even ‘aspirational.’

When it comes to selection of tiles for commercial vs residential spaces, what are the key differences?

Simply their resistance to abrasion. Tiles are classified in abrasion classes with Class 0 being ones that shouldn’t be used on a floor at all while Class 1,2 and 3 can be used in domestic residential settings and Class 4 or 5 in more commercial and high traffic areas.

How can tiles be made shock proof?

Typically shock proof tiles are rubber tiles which are specially strengthened and are used in gymnasiums and similar sporting facilities. The ability for conventional tiles to withstand shock when looked at from an impact point of view or just its load bearing comes from the composition and its strengthening to accept such loads. So be it tiles that are capable of handling the axle loads of fire engines or ones that are especially strengthened for commercial usage each tile comes with it’s own specification and suggested usage.

Kindly cite an example of a completed project which utilises tiles to good effect?

Among the numerous projects we have executed, in one of our projects in Hyderabad we used Corten steel (metal) tiles in a residence in Hyderabad to good effect.


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