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Jindal Aluminium launches a new fabrication division

Jindal Aluminium launches a new fabrication division

The largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer in India, Jindal Aluminium, has announced the opening of a new fabrication section.

Driven by in-house-developed tools, this new section is another value addition following the introduction of an environmentally friendly powder coating plant by Jindal Aluminium. Modern gear and equipment, supported by a knowledgeable team of proficient workers with over ten years of expertise in cutting, punching, and running four-axis machines, form the basis of the fabrication unit. It seeks to address difficulties in the manufacture of engineered aluminium.

The Four Axis Machining Centre of the organisation is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to streamline various processes, including drilling, slot milling, angle drilling, tapping, pocket milling, and grooving. To accomplish the required degree of cutting operation, its automated sawing machines—such as the FOM Industries Panda 400 and Mirage 600—assure maximum efficiency, high speed, and precision. The Punching Machine, equipped with an internally designed punching die tool, will offer services like hole, pocket, and slot punching with an automated feeding system, while the Single Head Cutting Saw will offer a variety of flexible cut lengths. Throughout the production process, all mechanical operations, including automatic straight cutting, slot punching, and drilling, are meticulously calibrated to ensure optimal results.

Talking about the value-added offering, Pragun Khaitan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Limited, says, “Launching the fabrication unit marks a significant step in our journey to offer value-added service to our customers, and we are confident that they will benefit immensely from its versatility and precision.”

Building and construction products such as frames, windows, doors, appliances, furnishings, roofing, exhibition displays, appliances, and many more will be served by the recently opened section at this time. The establishment of Jindal Aluminium’s most recent fabrication division is a calculated step towards maintaining the company’s leadership position in the engineered aluminium market and positioning it for future expansion.

For more info visit: http://www.JindalAluminium.com


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