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Landscaping expertise for timeless outdoor masterpiece

Landscaping expertise for timeless outdoor masterpiece

Discover how Urban Landscape seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality in this exclusive glimpse, crafting timeless outdoor masterpieces that redefine the relationship between built structures and the natural environment.

Can you provide an overview of your experience working on landscaping projects and highlight some of the key projects you’ve been involved in?
Working in the landscaping niche has been amazing for us, as we have noticed it is as important for the house as architecture and interiors. Landscaping adds life to any project. We have received a great response and are now serving clients all over India. Landscaping projects in India require in-depth knowledge of weather conditions and materials to sustain all weather conditions and give the desired aesthetics. It’s challenging, but it’s all worth it once the project is completed. We have been part of some extraordinary luxury residences, commercials, and housing projects.

Landscaping often involves hardscape elements such as walkways, patios, and retaining walls. How do you ensure these elements complement the overall design while serving their practical functions? Landscaping combines hardscaping and softscaping, and lighting plays a major role in outdoor areas. All has to be a good blend to achieve a well-landscaped area. Hardscape elements in any design should not overpower the softscaping being done and should be in equal proportions. Sizes, shapes, and finishes are very important to achieve this. Everything proposed in the design should have a practical approach, aesthetics, and material selections.

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Landscapes can be tailored to various purposes, from residential gardens to public parks and urban spaces. How do you adapt your design approach based on the intended use of the landscape? Landscaping is critical to all residential, public areas and urban spaces. The design approach is often adapted according to the area’s architecture, client requirements, taste, and technical aspects. It also depends on how it is intended so proposed elements can be easily used. Our team does a detailed discussion about the use case before designing any project so that the outcome of the project is functional and aesthetic at the same time.

What is your approach to integrating landscape design with architectural planning, and how do you ensure a cohesive and harmonious relationship between built structures and natural elements?
Our approach is very simple and in collaboration with the existing architecture team on any site. We combine to blend the building structure with the outdoors so everything is in sync. We review the proposed materials, design theme, and the house’s shape and lines as crucial factors for landscaping. We often start landscape planning once the structure work is near completion as it helps us know the outcome, and then landscaping can be done according to the built structures.

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