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Transformative approach to landscape architecture and design

Transformative approach to landscape architecture and design

Samved Pradhan, Principal Architect at Kishore D. Pradhan: Architecture + Landscape, shares insightful perspectives on the transformative impact of landscapes in our surroundings.

Can you provide an overview of your experience working on landscaping projects and highlight some of the key projects you have been involved in?
Landscaping in India poses unique challenges, often facing budget cuts and adjustments due to clients’ prioritisation of architecture and interiors. However, there is a positive shift as clients now recognise the value of landscapes and allocate dedicated budgets. I have contributed to diverse projects, including the Lakefront Park in Hyderabad and the Bhadrakali Geo-Biodiversity Cultural Park in Warangal, enhancing local quality of life. Lakefront Park, spanning 10 acres, seamlessly blends nature and modern design, while Bhadrakali Park pays tribute to Kakatiyan architecture. These projects showcase the growing appreciation for open spaces and their impact on well-being.

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What is your approach to integrating landscape design with architectural planning, and how do you ensure a cohesive and harmonious relationship between built structures and natural elements?
We conduct a thorough site analysis, considering topography, hydrology, climate, existing vegetation, local flora, and user requirements. Integrating landscape design with architectural planning goes beyond mere juxtaposition; it’s a meticulous process of symbiosis, ensuring harmony between built structures and natural elements. We respect the local climate, materials, and culture, creating designs that seamlessly blend with the environment and align with architectural language. This approach may manifest as landscaped courtyards, rooftop gardens, or linkages between structures. Understanding site features, user needs, and the architect’s vision ensures a cohesive and functional outcome that harmoniously merges with the environment. Each project presents a unique opportunity to tailor the design to specific needs and context, ensuring the landscape effectively serves its intended purpose.

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What role does sustainability play in your landscape architecture projects?
We strongly believe in creating landscapes that endure over time and coexist seamlessly with the environment. Sustainability means selecting the right softscape and hardscape elements for the region, ensuring longevity without the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Our design philosophy emphasises region-specific vegetation, local materials, and a commitment to minimising the ecological footprint while prioritising functionality. We also focus on optimising lighting solutions, implementing water conservation and reuse strategies, and reducing usage through appropriate irrigation methods. Sustainability is not merely a checkbox; it’s a guiding principle that ensures my landscapes positively contribute to the ecosystem. The ultimate goal is not just to design aesthetically pleasing spaces but to do so in a manner that respects and enhances the natural environment.

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