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Lema introduces exquisite armchairs at Etreluxe

Lema introduces exquisite armchairs at Etreluxe

Lema, an Italian manufacturer and design industry, introduces four latest chair collection.

Through the fusion of tradition and innovation, the company has crafted a business model that is not only efficient but also highly personalized. Lema, a prominent figure in the furniture and design industry, proudly introduces its latest collection, showcasing four unique chairs, each epitomising mastery in design and craftsmanship.

Experience a heightened living environment with the Alton armchair, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and sophisticated design. Designed by the visionary David Lopez Quincoces, its semi-circular metal structure creates a daring, sculptural silhouette. The backrest, crafted with precision from over 200 meters of aged natural hide cord, introduces a touch of opulence. The Alton armchair seamlessly combines clean lines with inviting comfort, offering a choice of fabric or leather covering. Recognised on the EU’s Design Programme, it stands as an emblem of innovation and elegance.

Blending classic and contemporary aesthetics, the Taiki armchair, envisioned by Chiara Andreatti, beckons you to unwind with its soft cushions and modern detailing. Influenced by Le Corbusier, its lines and proportions reflect timeless design, while the heat-treated, oak-dyed ash structure imparts an Oriental sense of precision. The artisanal stitching adds a touch of modernity to Taiki, creating a distinctive piece that effortlessly bridges tradition and modernity.

Gordon Guillaumier’s Lennox lounge chair is a sophisticated fusion of retro influences and contemporary design. Drawing inspiration from an open corolla suspended in mid-air, the bronze-coloured metal structure imparts an elegant and discreet aesthetic. With unfolding armrests, Lennox becomes a soft, enticing retreat ideal for moments of relaxation. The matching padded pouffe footrest complements the overall design, making it an irresistible addition to any space.

Roberto Lazzeroni’s Bice lounge chair is a timeless masterpiece, radiating clean, refined style. Striking a balance between past influences and forward-looking design, Bice is a versatile and welcoming addition to any room. The sleek, bronzed metal structure is enhanced by a choice of fabric or leather covering, establishing it as a modern classic seamlessly adaptable to various settings.

Lema persists in redefining luxury and sophistication, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and design excellence. The new armchair collection embodies a harmonious fusion of artistic vision and functional comfort, making a profound statement in the realm of contemporary furniture.

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