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“Leminex not only reinvented the way laminates looked, but also the way people look at laminates.”

“Leminex not only reinvented the way laminates looked, but also the way people look at laminates.”

Pankaj Malhotra, CEO, UFC International speaks about the increasing popularity of Leminex laminates.

What let you the inception of laminates?
Leminex laminates offers some of finest high pressure and compact laminates. And is a pioneer of luxury laminates in the world especially Europe and Asia. It was started in 1978.It was founded on the idea that a laminate is much more than an invisible background. It is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface décor. LEMINEX not only reinvented the way laminates looked, but also the way people look at laminates.

Leminex gave the laminate a complete makeover with finishes and colours like never before. Suddenly the laminate were no longer just an economical, hard-wearing countertop. LEMINEX created laminates that had texture, unparalleled designs and most importantly; character. The product is totally weather proof, fire proof and termite proof.

When did you start marketing this product in India?
We have been importing this product since 2004 and since then we have increased our presence with 160 outlets across India at present. We have eighteen distributors and we have five offices pan India. The head office is in Delhi.

What are the different projects where Leminex is being used?
We are doing the Royal Residency in Ludhiana, the Kochi airport. Recently we are also got into some Stellar Group projects in Noida that is around 2.5 lakh square feet. Previously the utilization of our product was limited to 400-500 sq.ft now the builder and architects have realized that it is a product which can protect your outer wall. No paint, polish, whitewash anything will be needed ever in life after this because it is a zero maintenance product. And this is helping us to grow our business.

What is the shelf life of Leminex?
The shelf life of the product is 12 years for one side. So if the consumer reverses it and utilizes it again it can be utilized for another 12 years. 24 years is the minimum shelf life of the product. We ourselves have been using it for 30-35 years without any problem.

What is the products price range?
When the product is utilized for exterior cladding it comes to around 350 Rupees sq/ft including installation charges.

What is your strategy to market your existing products?
We are getting into the project mode we have got our own people who are getting it specified through big leading architects.

With the increasing popularity of our product we are keen to tap an increasing number of projects and for that we are reaching out to big leading architects. We have a big network and we are also consistently developing our network of dealers, channel partners throughout each state. In each state we have a stockiest and a dealer associated with him. It could be a project dealer, or a retail dealer.

In B tier and C tier cities our business is doing well. Cities like Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Mysore have offered us a good response. The main aim for us is to capitalize on the network we have built. Even in big projects the company gets involved to get the products specified and after that we get local dealer involved in it.

How is the response at Acetech Bangalore? What are the other events you are participating in?
We have got a good response. People are really happy with the quality of product we are providing. Leminex offers true value for money since our price is 35 percent less than the nearest competitor. To increase our footprints in the market we are participating in a number of exhibitions.

Pankaj Malhotra,CEO,UFC International


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