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Minimalist classical design ethos by 42MM Architecture

Minimalist classical design ethos by 42MM Architecture

New Delhi-based firm 42mm Architecture presents minimalist traditional design ethos through its boutique jewellery store located in New Delhi.

The design objective has been to exude royalty and luxury through an interior design that isn’t limited to Jaipur but has an international appeal. Monolithic singular treatment with walls clad in Indian stone has been thus developed as the modern and minimal design vocabulary for translating traditional architectural elements such as decorative arches and floor inlays.

Stone in a natural raw finish with accents of polished brass finish has been used as the major material throughout the main display area whereas the visitor’s lounge and director cabin has
been kept intentionally subtle to direct customer focus to the display area. The overall monochromatic color scheme has been followed to let the jewels stand out the most.
Going by the brand’s tagline ‘Crafted for Eternity’ and their USP ‘Modern Meenakar’, 42mm has designed the store as a reflection of their brand.

Since its establishment as a multidisciplinary studio in 2005, 42mm has focused on Architecture, Interiors, and Urban Design. A team of more than 25 architects and designers is continually working to produce projects that stand out because they have a strong desire to deviate from traditional models. Each project demonstrates its unique approach to design, intricacy, and cutting-edge technology. The company is continually investigating, creating, and putting new, effective design strategies into practise. The company is steadfastly committed to developing design solutions that are specially adapted to each project’s unique requirements.


For more info visit : https:/42mm-architecture/


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