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Optimising design workflows with constructible models

Optimising design workflows with constructible models

Let’s explore how Tekla’s technology empowers design teams to achieve unprecedented precision, collaboration, and success in complex projects.

“Multi-tier road networks with many underground and overhead utilities made it nearly impossible to prepare optimum alignment and layout of various strings via traditional methods. However, with the Tekla 3D model, visualisation came alive and made our lives easy! The flexibility of Tekla software allowed us to update and modify the model during the detailed design stage. 3D rebar details were also developed for the complex components of the project for better understanding.” Kishor G. Kuwade, Senior Layout and Alignment Engineer on the project.

Tekla’s truly constructible models empowered the detailed design team with the following strengths and benefits:

• Clear understanding of the project and interaction of various elevated strings

• Alignment and layout engineers could easily check for clashes and availability of vertical and lateral clearances between the multi-tier networks.

• Precise material quantity extraction from the model

• Detailing and arrangement of complex mergers and demergers to ensure practically feasible design solution

• Assessment of the constructibility of the proposed design solution

• Availability of real-time 3D models for easy and any-time reference by the client

• Efficient use of 3D model led to easy and speedy interaction between layout engineers, detailed designers and the construction team, thereby leading to a significant reduction in overall design time to almost one-third of what would have been the timeline without the 3D model

• Significant reduction in design and drawing errors to almost 50 percent.

• All site problems and construction errors were reduced to substantially low occurrences as all the construction hindrances were envisaged well in advance during the 3D modelling stage itself

• During the detailed design stage, the model could be easily updated and modified as per actual design requirements

• All this led to minimum repetitions and revisions during the detailed design stage, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the design team by nearly 1.5 times

“It would have been a nightmare to handle such a large-scale project without a working 3D model in Tekla. Our design team benefitted in multiple ways with continuous access to the Tekla 3D model.” Avikshit Ajay Yeri, Lead Design Engineer/Project Lead, Structcon Designs Pvt. Ltd.

 “The 3D model in Tekla simplified this project’s complexity by reducing the total design time to one-third and cutting down the design and drawing errors by almost 50 percent. Tekla significantly amplified the efficiency of our design team and the quality of deliverables! It was impossible to imagine and understand the multi-tier congested road network just using the 2D layouts and sections; therefore, we resorted to Tekla Structures. The entire project, including all the bridges, roads, drains and pedestrian facilities, was modelled in Tekla, which helped our detailed design engineers, quantity surveyors and the EPC contractors during the various stages of the project. This is directly reflected in the overall efficiency gain of the project by 1.5 times!” Akshay S. Kohojkar, Director, Design Excellence India Pvt. Ltd. & Structcon Designs Pvt. Ltd.

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