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PARÉ and DANUBE collabs to expand presence in the UAE

PARÉ and DANUBE collabs to expand presence in the UAE

PARÉ Innovations, a leading manufacturing company in India specialising in innovative panels for walls and ceilings, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with DANUBE Building Materials, a distinguished force in the realm of real estate, aimed at enhancing and influencing the thriving landscape of the UAE market. The goal is to strengthen the footprint, create deep connections, and provide unique value to regional partners.

The relationship is a significant milestone for both firms, combining PARÉ Innovations’ unique products with DANUBE building materials’ vast reach and knowledge in the region’s real estate market. The cooperation demonstrates PARÉ Innovations’ commitment to growing its footprint in important sectors and strengthening its position as a leader, with a presence in over seven countries worldwide.

Thrilled with the commencement of the new journey, Parth Parmar, Director at PARÉ Innovations Pvt Ltd., commented, “This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to strengthen our presence in the UAE market and deliver unparalleled value to our customers. Together with DANUBE building materials, we are poised to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation in the region.”

PARÉ Innovations and Danube recently co-organised a tremendously successful big launch event in March 2024, which drew significant attention and participation from over 700 prominent dealers in the UAE region. The occasion provided an opportunity to highlight the synergies between our two businesses and reiterate our commitment to delivering outstanding value to our clients.

About the partnership’s impact on revenue growth and market share expansion, Mr Parmar stated, “We are very bullish about the growth in the UAE market with a strong partner like Danube. We have also appointed an official PARÉ team in Dubai to boost sales. In regards to the rollout timeline PARÉ Innovations’ products in the UAE market, our product has already been launched.”

As for potential risks or challenges in executing expansion plans in the UAE market, Mr Parmar addressed, “We are aware of the challenges inherent in entering a new market, such as cultural differences and regulatory hurdles. However, we are confident in our ability to navigate these challenges effectively through careful planning and strategic partnerships. In terms of marketing and promotional initiatives, our products from PARÉ Innovation are already displayed at various stores and are being implemented right now.”

At the grand launch event, PARÉ displayed an amazing showcase booth that was precisely crafted to demonstrate the range and quality of their product offerings. From cutting-edge technology solutions to unmatched customer service, the booth exemplified PARÉ Innovations’ dedication to innovation, quality, and client happiness.

For more information, visit: https://pareindia.com/


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