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Powerful hydraulic rock and concrete breaking equipment for extreme conditions

Powerful hydraulic rock and concrete breaking equipment for extreme conditions

This exclusive interaction with Nutech Hydraulics delves into their latest range of hydraulic splitters and combi tools, which has set a new standard in performance and durability.

Can you provide an overview of the company and its offerings?
Nutech Hydraulic Equipment manufactures a range of hydraulic tools and equipment to cater to the needs of the construction and mining industry in India and neighbouring countries. Today, we are a team of professionals ready to provide solutions to our clients regarding their various requirements. We specialise in bringing high-quality customise Hydraulic Power packs along with rock and concrete breaking equipment and construction chemicals into the Indian market with excellent after-sale and service backup by qualified engineers, offering cutting-edge technology in the Construction and Deconstruction industry, including the Infrastructure sector, Mining sector and metro projects. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitters manufacturers and allied Hydraulic accessories. Our Hydraulic equipment is the most powerful and highly cost-effective solution in places where conventional methods cannot be used. This equipment is very reliable, portable & can be transported to extreme terrain locations.

Can you enlighten us on how the splitter works?
Our Hydraulic Splitters work on proven wedge principle; you have to drill a hole of specified depth and diameter and insert the wedges of the splitter inside the drilled hole. The hydraulic system generates a force of around 400 tons and a maximum pressure of 500 bars. This force can break the hardest rock found. The operation is simple; it splits the rock or breaks concrete within 40 seconds without passing Shocks or vibration into the structure. The splitter is useful where blasting cannot be done, or rock excavation cannot be done using conventional methods. Typical applications of Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitters: Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters provide a powerful and highly cost-effective alternative to conventional demolition techniques. These have been successfully used for a variety of applications like rock demolition, i.e. trenching or splitting rock for a cellar extension, secondary splitting of large boulders, demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete, demolition work in closed spaces or places of limited access and all other places where blasting is prohibited underwater demolition and excavation.

How is your product different from others?
Today, with so many restrictions on conventional methods and constraints on the excavation of rock, our Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitters form a natural alternate solution to the industry. Our latest version of a new range of Hydraulic Rock & Concrete splitter and Concrete combi tools have been developed using advanced manufacturing processes, resulting in cutting-edge technology over others, and are best-in-class performers. We have a robust manufacturing process, with a line quality control process to achieve zero failure in finished goods manufactured by us. Our cutting-edge technology and zero tolerance for failure attitude ensure reliable and durable equipment, resulting in 100 percent customer satisfaction. Not only in the Lab, our products have been extensively tested on the ground in rough terrain and hostile conditions such as sub-zero temperatures of -20 degrees and Altitude of 15000 feet.

How do you see your company progress in the next five years?
We have a very ambitious growth plan for the next five years. We are soon moving to our state-of-the-art new manufacturing Unit. We are rapidly expanding our presence in sectors such as Railways, Rescue, Defense, and Mining and are appointing new dealers/partners. Over time, we have built a strong customer base with over 500 different pieces of equipment working satisfactorily in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

For more information, visit: http://nutechequipments.co.in/


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