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Preca presents advanced green concrete with fly ash and GGBS

Preca presents advanced green concrete with fly ash and GGBS

This interaction delves into precast solutions that improve durability and sustainability by incorporating cutting-edge materials while addressing the industry’s labour scarcity dilemma.

What innovative materials and technologies do you use to enhance durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in your precast solutions?
We use fly ash and GGBS components in our concrete to make green concrete. This reduces the carbon footprint and makes the product more sustainable. The use of green materials will improve concrete bonding and enhance the durability of the products.

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Which sectors or types of projects do you find which precast solutions are most commonly utilised, and why?
Precast concrete is commonly employed in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings because the availability of skilled and unskilled labour in the building industry is extremely limited. Precast technology will fill that gap in building construction with little labour.

How do you anticipate technological advancements, such as digital design tools or automation, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of precast solutions?
New technological advancements are expected in the market every day. More digital tools, like BIM, are available to accelerate the process. In the precast business, 100 percent automation is conceivable. Owing to cost and maintenance issues, it may take some time to implement comprehensive automation in Indian factories. Total automation will improve production efficiency and effectiveness.

PRECA Solutions India Pvt Ltd. _ ACE

What factors drive the increasing demand for precast solutions in the construction industry, and how do you anticipate this demand evolving in the coming years?
The need for more competent labour in the building sector, combined with freebies supplied by political parties, prevents people from working for their fundamental needs, posing the most significant challenges to the construction business. This is increasing demand for precast technology because buildings can be built offsite with limited people. This demand will rise in the following days. This need can be anticipated by implementing sophisticated methodology and materials in precast construction.

Can you explain how the off-site fabrication of precast elements speeds up project timelines and reduces on-site construction time?
Offline construction reduces construction time by at least 60 percent compared to on-site normal construction. The offsite building will continue even if the weather is terrible. Even on rainy days, construction can proceed as usual with off-site construction.

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