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Qualitative products enhances the contemporary lifestyle

Qualitative products enhances the contemporary lifestyle

Shyam Bhuva, Managing Director of Mozart Vitrified, discusses the company’s extensive product line and market supremacy.

In an interview with ACE Update, Shyam Bhuva, Managing Director of Mozart Vitrified, proudly announces to be India’s most preferred full body vitrified tile composer. Mozart integrates flair and creativity into its vast range of excellent product solutions that enhance contemporary living.

We are involved in manufacturing bootie tiles, in which we have three finishes, such as matte, glossy, and rustic, and we are pioneering a complete body. So we have a lot of colours and textures. And our product is primarily intended for architects and interior designers.

Products and solutions
During the ACETECH, our primary emphasis was to address the overall demand for architecture, those who prefer monochromatic colours, the best premium colours, and those who adore pterosaurs. We both produce the same product. There is no painting on our tile; anyone can carve, cut, and design their designs.

So, it’s beneficial to architects. The event provided us with a one of- a-kind platform to show off our various designs to the rest of the world. We have served many clients and customers in and around India. Such events allow us to increase our customer base and meet the architects and designers with whom we have been involved for a very long time.

Uniquely designed products
Mozart is now a renowned organisation worldwide, and our products are already accepted in various markets, including India. We have been engaging in events and exhibitions to reach out to our clients, architects, designers, and other customers worldwide. Because the products we focus on are based on Bordetella pertussis, commonly known as a clinical study, our segment has relatively few competitors. In Italian, the complete booty tile is printed on the tile that is not done.

The exact tint is beneath the tile; it’s akin to stone. If you have the same design as others, you are unique. This is how we distinguish ourselves. As leaders, we believe in setting trends rather than merely following them. We continually strive to improve ourselves by expanding our product portfolio. We plan to continue our leadership position in the entire body tile product sector while meeting client demand.



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