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RBL Bank Goes Green

RBL Bank Goes Green

Sustainability is not just a catchphrase for RBL and with its first green building up in Hyderabad, the bank has showcased its intentions.

India experienced its first green building as a 20,000 sq.ft small building in Hyderabad, which happened to be the first platinum rated building outside the US, under the LEED Certified Rating system. Since then we have come a long way in building more than a 8 billion of green environment friendly spaces.

When we hear about the worsening air quality of national capital Delhi, or the glaciers melting, a 2-degree temperate rise drowning islands, sustainability cannot become a matter of choice but a way of life. Sustainability is thereby by important for us to leave behind a livable planet for our future generations.

RBL Bank, an upcoming leader in the finance industry, taking up ownership and leading the path ahead, has made its contribution by incorporating several eco-friendly interior measures which resulted in the premises being acknowledged as a Platinum Rated premises under the IGBC rating program.

Key features of the premises started with RBL occupying an IGBC Gold rated campus, continuing further with the initiatives already taken by the building. Water a key and precious resource is saved to the tune of 50% by using water efficient fixtures. The ozone layer is protected by using CFC and HCFC free Air conditioning refrigerants.

Highly efficient HVAC systems are used, thereby cooling more Sft per Ton of installation. Energy is further saved by using all 5 Star rated hardware equipment’s. The lighting is so intelligently designed to avoid wastages, and designed such that more than 50% spaces received natural day light, and achieve artificial lighting by providing less than 0.5W per sq.ft which is a commendable benchmark in the industry. What gets measured, gets the opportunity to get saved, hence separate meters are installed to monitor and track uses of various electrical installations.

Materials which form a major part of interiors, are taken care of not only during selection, by preferring local materials, but in the manner the execution is done, with due sorting, segregation, and taking care to not generate excessive debris. Good quality of air is ensured by banning smoking within entire premises, in addition to installing carbon dioxide monitoring devises to monitor occupant spaces. Indoor plants are well incorporated in the interiors which improve the indoor air quality.

The project has been a memorable experience for all stakeholders, with excellent support from RBL Team, and its Designers AnA Consultants. We @ Metadesign have had the fortune to contribute towards these initiatives and hand holding to achieve Green Certification for the premises.

Authored By

Architect Nilesh Gandhi,
Founder and Director,
Metadesign (India) Pvt. Ltd.


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