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RDC Concrete offers ground-breaking sustainable innovations for better concrete

RDC Concrete offers ground-breaking sustainable innovations for better concrete

In this exclusive insight, Anil Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO, RDC Concrete (India) Pvt., shares the company’s journey, emphasising their dedication to sustainability, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Trends and innovations
We foresee trends focusing on enhancing durability and strength in the concrete construction industry. This involves exploring new additives, curing methods, and applications for ready-mix concrete, such as precast elements and innovative infrastructure projects like bridges. Our strategy emphasises significant investments in research and development to stay ahead in the rapidly growing market.

Sustainable practices
We are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes at RDC Concrete. We use recycled water in our plants, reducing our water consumption significantly. Additionally, we utilise fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) in our concrete mix to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. We have also launched an initiative to promote green concrete, a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete.

RDC Sustainable approach _ ACE

Investing in research and development (R&D) is vital for the growth and success of the ready-mix concrete industry in India. R&D efforts will develop new mix designs that enhance product durability and strength through innovative additives and curing methods. Exploring novel applications, such as precast elements and new infrastructure projects, will expand the market and meet increasing demand. Overall, R&D is a crucial strategy to drive innovation, improve product quality, and stay ahead in this rapidly growing industry.

To meet sustainability requirements at project sites, we prioritise energy efficiency with industry-leading low energy costs and implement a comprehensive waste management plan to reduce waste production and minimise water usage. We actively promote the recycling and reuse of materials, incorporating waste products like fly ash and GGBS from power and steel plants and recycled concrete aggregates from C&D waste processing plants. Water conservation measures, including reusing water and recovered aggregates from Beton wash or recycling plants in lean concrete, contribute to responsible water resource use. Our sustainable procurement practices involve sourcing materials from environmentally responsible suppliers. Employee training programs emphasise eco-friendly behaviours, aiming to minimise our environmental impact and foster a sustainable approach in our projects.

Quality check
We are deeply committed to upholding high-quality standards across all our operations. We employ stringent quality control practices and adhere to strict guidelines to meet the highest standards in our products consistently. Our investment in cutting-edge equipment and advanced testing methods ensures rigorous monitoring and control of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products.

Our manufacturing facilities proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, reflecting our commitment to robust quality management. We strictly follow relevant Indian and international quality and safety standards, including those set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Our dedication to quality extends to our employees, whom we regularly train and upskill to ensure they possess the latest knowledge and skills necessary to maintain our elevated standards.

We are investing in technologies that enable a robust quality control system, allowing us to mitigate the challenges posed by the ever-changing properties of raw materials. We take pride in maintaining the industry’s cleanest plants and storage facilities, ensuring the highest levels of product quality and the health and safety of our employees and associates. Our commitment to developing our team to be the best in the industry has led to the establishment of world-class training facilities, enabling our team to excel and drive our business to greater heights.

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