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Security in Building Automation

Security in Building Automation

An analysis on the security systems and solution that will address the security concerns in India

Security systems
Safety and security is an integral part of any building automation system. Automation is efficiency improvement, convenience to a certain extent luxury.  But safety and security is essential and mandatory.  Fortunately advancement in technology offers integrated approach.  One can design a system in such a way that security and automation can operate on the same platform.  This is generally referred to as Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).

Modern high-rise buildings are townships by itself.  A typical 25 storey building houses 100 houses and may be about 400 occupants. Sharing his views on security systems in building automation, Nitin Joshi, Managing Director, Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt Ltd says, “Fire is a major threat.  Another threat is from intruders.  Both need to be checked by using smart devices.  As they are becoming smarter, false alarms are reducing. For example, smoke detectors are used to detect water vapour as fire.  But modern technology makes it possible to filter out such false calls.”

There is an increased demand for the security solution, says Manoj Khadkikar, Head, Channels & Solutions Group, Zicom Electronic Security Systems. He states, “We are seeing increased demand for security solution in buildings. Building management is also experiencing increased interest of integrating home automation, sensor and IP/analog, MAVDP (multi-apartment video door phone) and CCTV. Large apartment blocks are also taking perimeter security and integrating that with building management solution.

”Address security concerns
Today one cannot rely on poor security systems as it can be very dangerous to avoid crimes or any threats it is very essential to have advanced security systems. Here, experts have shared information on how to address the security concerns.

The rising concerns related to security are a major concern. For that Zicom is currently focussing on 4 level of security in different segments which are:
•   The first level is security for establishment which would typically involve CCTV, perimeter     security and solutions like street camera as a part of city surveillance or neighbourhood     surveillance.
•   Second level is the security that Zicom provides to residential blocks or housing society     through MYCS (make my city safe) initiatives. Zicom also has CCTV solutions for SME     enterprises and also products like access control for offices.
•   Third level is for home or standalone office where we give video door phones, finger print     locks and cat eye products or wireless home IP cameras.
•   The last level of security which Zicom offers is for personal security in the form of Ziman     app which can be downloaded in mobile phones and acts as an emergency response     system incase the owner is in danger. The person just need to trigger the alert button and     our Zicom command centre (ZCC) will get in to action and calls the user to check his or     her status.

eSecurity or remote surveillance coupled with analytics is changing ground rules of security.  Presently security is largely dependent upon human factor.  But intelligent devices are reducing dependency on human beings.  CCTV cameras aid to investigate whatever has happened.  But if couple them with intelligent sensors, they can provide early warning. Crime can be stopped before it happens. “We plan to offer higher level of intelligence in our products and services through continuous R&D,” says Joshi

On the other hand, Joshi added that his company has  provided integrated Automation & Safety, Security, Surveillance (A3S) solutions to various townships, 5-Star hotels, theatres and malls.  “Our major expansion is happening in Industrial sector which includes oil and gas, pharma and chemical factories. These establishments require robust and time tested products.  Our R&D is putting great efforts on test and certification of our products,” he adds.

Latest security solutions
Some of the latest solution that will address challenges faced with regards to the security concerns. “IoT is going to bring big change in the various safety, security applications.  We are working on IoT sensors which would send data to cloud.  This information will be analysed and used for real applications which were not possible before,” says Joshi.

“We have many products like various types of gas leak detectors used to detect LPG/PNG or CO or CO2 to eliminate related hazards.  These can be used in residential flats or commercial buildings like malls and restaurants, hotels.  Recently there were series of incidences in Mumbai which caused deaths and injuries due to explosions which happened due to LPG leaks.  We have specially designed detectors for hotels and restaurants.  They work well in greasy environment due to oil used in cooking.  Sometimes back we introduced Refrigerant Gas Leak detectors.  These are used in various refrigeration and air conditioning plants, hotel rooms which use VRF systems,” adds Joshi.

On industrial safety front, Realty Automation has launched new range of gas leak detectors with PPM display with catalytic sensors.  “Detectors with Infrared (IR) technology shall be launched very soon,” Joshi says.

The company has also tied up with Apollo Fire Detectors of UK for distribution of their products and manufacturing state-of-the-art of addressable fire alarm panels.  “Our panels support multi lingual display which supports all Indian languages.  We feel that this is very essential because these panels are mostly operated by security guards,” says Joshi

“Zicom is not only focussing on providing latest security products and hardware but also introducing innovative services which help in taking advantage of the investment made by the customer,” states Khadkikar. He also added that, services like zicom care ensure that all the security installation of the customer are working properly 24/7  and by integrating this service with our command centre we are able to deliver fast response to any untoward incident through video verification.

Increasing demand for security systems
This is sunrise sector.  Still people have not understood the importance and necessity of safety and security systems.  As people become aware, demand will grow.  Such products are like insurance products.  When people have satisfied their basic needs like food, clothing, housing, communication and entertainment the next big thing is safety and security. On this note, Joshi says, “Demand for safety and security products should grow about 20 per cent year-on-year for another 3 to 4 years before it starts tapering off.” IT or ITeS sector is known for early adoption of modern technologies.  They have already adopted to security systems. Their demand will increase more on qualitative front. They will require more intelligent and automated systems.

Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. is on the panel for setting up facility management guidelines for National Building Code.  Maintenance of safety and security systems is equally important to derive true benefits from investments made.

“IT or ITeS market has shown an increase awareness and demand for security product. However what is important to note is that these sectors have started utilising product not just for passive surveillance but as productivity enablers and therefore are been looked as ROI instead of being a capital expenditure. Products for people counting are widely used in retail space; whereas products like time and attendance access control are been used with integrating data with HRMS,” says Khadkikar.

Alarm monitoring market
The intrusion market is still very small and is still using analog technology. The trend for intrusion solution is an integrated IDS, working zigbee protocol and integrating IDS, CCTV and access control. This integrated solution will be the drivers for growth in the new future backed by command centre set up which can monitor individual establishment 24/7. “We have also seen a lot of IDS requirement coming from on site or off site ATMs and that itself is a big untapped market,” says Khadkikar.

“We are one of the leading companies supplying security systems to alarm monitoring service providers.  Our R&D is DSIR recognised and we invest about 10 per cent of our revenue on the same. This is our growth engine,” Joshi claims.  “We are continuously improving our technology and solutions both on Sensors and Control Panels front.  Our focus will be on providing complete solutions to this segment rather than just hardware and software.  However we do not plan to be a service provider.  We will focus to be a design house and manufacturer of hardware.”

We are seeing increased demand for security solution in buildings.Manoj Khadkikar, Head- Channels & Solutions Group, Zicom Electronic Security Systems.

Detectors with Infrared (IR) technology shall be launched very soon.Nitin Joshi, Managing Director, Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt Ltd


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