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Smart range of eco-friendly and hydrophobic paints with aesthetic appeal

Smart range of eco-friendly and hydrophobic paints with aesthetic appeal

Skora Paints offers a range of eco-friendly and hydrophobic paints and wall coating services that provide superior protection against all external elements.

Skora Paints has been an Indian paint brand in the industry since 1998, and their Smart Quartz Paint is one of their most popular products. This innovative product is designed to provide vibrant colour and finish to your walls and protect them for a more extended period.

 Skora’s Smart Quartz Paint is perfect for your wall coating needs. This paint has been specifically developed to protect walls and beautify them over a long time. Unlike most masonry paint that lasts around 5-7 years, Skora’s exterior wall coatings can last over 12 years. The wall coatings used by Skora are hydrophobic and breathable, and having it on your home is the same as having twelve coats of ordinary paint. 

 Skora’s Smart Quartz Paint is one of the most durable and hard-wearing textured coatings available, offering further waterproof protection for your walls. Skora has completed almost 5000+ projects and made almost 20000+ customers satisfied with their product and service. Skora is collaborating with different contractors nationwide to protect a maximum number of people. Additionally, Skora can paint your house 12 months a year, not only during the warmer weather.

 The application process may differ depending on the type of work, whether it’s painting a building for the first time or repainting. When applying the paint, we prefer either a three-coat method one coat of primer Mr.Protect and two coats of paint Mr. Perfect or a four-coat method one coat of texture Mr.RuffCoat, two coats of paint “Mr. Perfect,” and one coat of “Mr. Finish.”

 One of the advantages of Skora’s Smart, breathable and hydrophobic technology is that it brings many benefits to your family and the house itself. The painted surface remains cool, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems inside homes and buildings, promoting sustainability and energy savings. If your house has cracks, damp areas, or any other problem, it will be cured permanently, creating a healthier environment for all your family and pets.


For more info visit : https://www.skorapaints.com/



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