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Spartan Exhibits an Engineering Marvel

Spartan Exhibits an Engineering Marvel

This elevator took Prime Minister Narendra Modi atop the new National Emblem at the new Parliament building.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped into a specially designed elevator that took him straight atop the new Parliament building at the 6.5 – metre high National Emblem carved in a massive 9,500 kg of bronze, India unveiled and celebrated yet another marvel of creating a super sculpture blended with meticulous engineering to give an identity of New India.

The Central foyer of the new Parliament building of an ambitious Central Vista project dons the National Emblem’s superstructure. Where the four lions are mounted back-to-back on a circular abacus, and the frieze of the abacus is adorned with sculptures of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull, and a lion separated by intervening Dharma Chakras. The supporting 6,500 kg steel structure and the building that adores the National Emblem is being reckoned to be
the new engineering marvels.

Tata Projects constructed the Rs 862 crore new Parliamentary building of the iconic Central Vista. It’s a three-km stretch in the heart of New Delhi that runs from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. This set a striking example of innovation and construction by creating a symbol of the new India.

Dr. Vikram Mehta, Managing Director, Spartan Engineering Industries Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment and fire evacuation lifts, lauded the efforts and acumen of the team of Tata Projects working on this landmark project. Spartan Engineering is a part of the Tata Projects team to construct and install the elevator that is used to reach atop the new Parliament Building. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the same lift during the unveiling of the National Emblem. Dr. Mehta also says, “Making a new Parliament building to bear a giant 9,500 kg of the National Emblem statue on its roof is nothing but an engineering acumen, and we admire exceptional engineering and project implementation skills the Tata Projects team have exhibited.

The strength and quality of this building are exceptional, and we, at Spartan Engineering Industries, are proud to be associated with this mega project, as we were privileged to install the elevator that is used to reach the National Emblem atop the New Parliament building that Hon. Prime Minister used to reach during its unveiling.”

Flanked by large green spaces and significant structures such as Parliament House, the Secretariat buildings and the National Archives, the Central Vista is recognised worldwide as a rare example of innovative urban planning and architecture. The Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry had allocated Rs 2,600 crore in Union Budget 2022 23 for the construction of non-residential office buildings of the Central Vista redevelopment project, including the Parliament and Supreme Court.




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