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Waterproof your Buildings with Armstrong’s Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproof your Buildings with Armstrong’s Waterproofing Chemicals

ARMSTRONG’s chemicals suit the Indian climatic conditions with excellent performance, long durability, and minimized cost.

Construction chemicals and waterproofing compounds nowadays have tremendous demand due to the increased cost of real estate and construction activities with enormous daily growth. As a structural engineer, I have worked on various projects, construction-wise Villas and Residential/ commercial complexes. As a department engineer, I have worked in the categories of General Manager and Chief General Manager in HMWS&SB.

The core concept in the construction of Elevated Water Storage Reservoirs, underground reservoirs, pump houses and pipe lining works to maintain the high quality of TESTIMONIAL construction, being the water storage continuously over a long period with incredible velocity, mixed with Chlorine duly stored and supplied for drinking through public connections across the state.

ARMSTRONG chemicals have been tested for their efficiency in departmental labs and extensively used for the construction of various types of Water Storage tanks under countries, one of the prestigious projects like MISSION BHAGHIRATHA without any leakages. The role of ARMSTRONG chemicals with particular emphasis on concrete plasticizers, Superplasticizers, PC admixtures such as ROOFPLAST PC 455, ROOFPLAST SP 45 and CONSPLAX etc., since the reservoirs had stored chlorinated water for months together, the effect of Chlorine was to damage the concrete thus steel reinforcement. By admixing the ARMSTRONG products we get excellent durability of concrete years together. Apart from concrete admixtures, the company has delivered wonderful products in Waterproofing like Acrylic Polymer Cementitious coating a product like ROOFCOAT FLEXI 100, High-performance Water thinnable Epoxy coatings for wall and floor of tanks – CONPROOF EP, Emergency repair instant plugging and water-stopping compounds like WONDERSEAL PLUG [powder form], Quick setting/anti washout admixtures like RAPIDSTORNG QS/QSS311 [liquid form].

Waterproof membrane coating products like RAINSEAL 200, RAINSEAL BMW 250, single component Polyurethane base protective coatings like ROOFCOAT PU 400, injection grouts, water reactive PU grouts, cracks fillers, micro concrete and other excellent performance-oriented products which serve not only our department but also a great extent to the construction industry of India.

The unique advantage with ARMSTRONG is the quickest response to the customers and timely delivery of products which make a difference compared to other noted construction chemical companies. I am glad to be with ARMSTRONG for its high quality, convenient service and economy.


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