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Sudhakar Group offers high-quality and wind-resistant uPVC Profiles

Sudhakar Group offers high-quality and  wind-resistant uPVC Profiles

We extrude lead-free uPVC Profiles that are environmentally friendly.

Sudhakar Group - uPVC Profiles
Sudhakar Group – uPVC Profiles

Sudhakar Group is a leading manufacturer of uPVC pipes and fittings, wires and cables, and Profile Extrusion for uPVC windows and doors. We are known for our quality and dependable customer satisfaction.

Sudhakar Group is a leading business conglomerate headquartered in Suryapet, Telangana, with nine manufacturing plants spread across Pan India. The group was the first to introduce PVC extrusion in South India while diversifying into a major construction, infrastructure, and agricultural product supplier in India. Sudhakar Group is one of the India’s top 5 PVC extrusion products. Currently the organisation have its presence spread across India. In 2015, we began manufacturing windows and doors and extruding uPVC profiles at a state-of-the-art plant in Andhra Pradesh. Our profiles have excellent heat and cold insulation, conserving energy throughout the year. The highly wind-resistant product makes it ideal for high-rise buildings and coastal areas too. The products are great
sound insulators, which is especially important in rapidly growing urban areas. We produce high-quality insulation properties when combined with contemporary glass. Our uPVC frames are simple to clean with a light detergent like
soap and water. Any maintenance can be performed without removing the frame from the wall. The uPVC frames are efficient and long-lasting, requiring no paint or extra care, and the substantially reinforced frame and sash resist unwanted exterior infiltration.

The product is resistant to termites and remains unaltered by moisture and temperature changes. It also inhibits the growth of mould, rust, and corrosion since it does not hold moisture and forms a complete barrier to the outside world, decreasing harmful pollution, airborne infections, and virus-carrying insects.

Our profiles are available in various colours, both inside and outside. They are suitable for new construction and
renovations of existing houses. We have a wide range of glazing options to fit individual needs and varied
combinations of windows produced to customer specifications. We provide cheaper uPVC window base costs than comparable high-quality wooden and aluminum windows. Sudhakar Group goods are low-maintenance and cost-effective.


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