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Sunvik assures green energy-powered manufacturing excellence

Sunvik assures green energy-powered manufacturing excellence

At Sunvik, we forge excellence from raw materials to the final product, embracing sustainability and innovation in every step. Our galvanised wire is a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability, and environmental consciousness.

Established in 2003 at Jodidevarahalli in Sira Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka, Sunvik Steels Private Limited is a fully integrated steel plant dedicated to the vision of forging sustainable steel. Over the years, the company has built a robust identity and continues to expand its footprint, offering a diverse range of top-quality products. Sunvik’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its core values of Innovation, Technology, Sustainability, and People. Sunvik’s TMT Rebars and Flyash Bricks & Blocks are GreenPro certified. Besides these products Sunvik has added Wire Rod, H.B Wire and G.I. Wire also in its product offerings.

At Sunvik, sustainability is not just a goal but a fundamental principle embedded in our operations. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of green technology, emphasising environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility. Remarkably, over 85 percent of our power is sourced from renewable energy, including solar, windmill, and biogas technologies.

By aligning our efforts with these pillars, innovation, technology, sustainability, and people. Sunvik Steels strives to create enduring value and aims to be recognised as a leader in the global steel industry. Our journey is not merely about steel production; it is a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Sunvik Steel _ ACE

MS Wire Rods

We produce Wire Rods with Quality Assurance and implementing highest Standard of manufacturing procedures and GREEN Energy. Sunvik Wire products cater to wide range of Industrial and Domestic application across India.

Chemical composition:

ElementtestCommercialLow carbonSuper LC
ChemicalSpecitationCarbon0. Max0.08 Max
Sulphur0.055 Max0.050 Max0.030 Max
Phosphorus0.055 Max0.050 Max0.030 Max
Silicon0.20 Max0.20 Max0.15 Max
MechanicalPropertiesUltimate Tensile
Strength (UTS) Nmma
475 Max475 Max420 Max
Elongation28% 32% 35% 
Ys (N/mm)365345320
GradeInner DiameterOuter DiameterCoil Weight
10 & 12MM 
Low carbon, Super LC, Baron added, Copper added800mm1200mm800-1200 kg

H.B. Wire

Wide Range of “Hard Bright Wire” are produced through High Efficiency Cold Drawing process using our own High Quality Wire Rod.


Size GradeCoil Weight 
8 to 14 SVG Commercial, LowCarbon, 250 Kg

Galvanised wire

Wide range of galvanising wire is produced. High efficiency galvanising wire is produced using our own high quality wire rod.


Size GradeCoil Weight 
8 to 14 SVG Commercial, LowCarbon, 250 Kg

Sunvik’s manufacturing process for galvanised wire involves a comprehensive and efficient system. The journey begins with raw materials like iron ore (RON GRE), coal, and a captive power plant ensuring a stable energy source. The production continues with the use of high-quality MS wire rods, H. & W. wire, and other essential inputs. Sunvik’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their utilisation of fly ash bricks and blocks, showcasing an eco-friendly approach. The process includes a state-of-the-art rolling mill for shaping the wires, while the sponge iron and billets undergo a meticulous transformation in the steel melting shop. Continuous casting further refines the product, ensuring uniformity and high standards in the final galvanised wire output. Sunvik’s manufacturing process stands as a testament to their dedication to quality, innovation, and environmentally conscious practices.

For more info visit: https://sunviksteels.com/


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