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AI, ML, and drones to enhance safety in construction

Frequent and rigorous safety inspections of construction sites by enforcement authorities are needed to prevent fatal and serious accidents. According to Kamarajan M- Head of Education, British Safety Council India, Health and safety standards will receive a quantum jump when the project managers are under threat of a visit by statutory authorities and the possibility […]

KEI Conflame Green+ Next-Gen Living solutions

Crucial safety protocols and legal frameworks to mitigate risks at construction sites

Leading experts across architectural and electrical sectors have shared their expertise in this industry’s required safety guidelines and regulations and discussed the safety practices and challenges.   The construction industry is widely recognised as one of the most hazardous sectors. However, conscientious developers have always placed a premium on ensuring the safety and efficiency of […]

Indian metro stations intensifying urban transformation

Integrating electrical safety into construction sites: Best practices and challenges in India

Aniruddh Bapat, Vice President-Head MEP Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd, discusses the importance of electrical safety awareness and practices. How can electrical safety be integrated into construction site safety plans? To integrate electrical safety into the overall safety plan for construction sites, it is important to include electrical safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) as […]

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Enhancing construction safety through technology, design, and material management

Srishti Ahluwalia, Director, House of Kashtee, discusses electrical safety challenges and project safety practices. How is the construction industry’s safety evolving in terms of project safety? Over time, in the construction industry, technological advances have made safe work practices increasingly achievable. In addition to safer tools and items like fall protection harnesses, netting, and PPE […]

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