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A Labyrinth of Arches and Vaults

Ar. Abhigyan Neogi discusses how hospitality design is the science and art of moulding discerning guests’ experiences. Working on hospitality interior design and architecture projects implies crafting a small part of a city, necessitating how it interacts with the rest of the urban fabric. Why did you choose to specialise in hospitality design? Hospitality design […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab

Healthcare chains: Burgeoning Affordable Services

Ravideep Singh speaks on the conspicuous gaps in the Indian healthcare sector, further reinforcing the quest and the need to delve into this space. Why did you choose to specialize in the healthcare sector? The inclination towards healthcare was perhaps a more intuitive call than pragmatic. I believe healthcare architecture exemplifies the capacity architecture, in […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab