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Prism RMC setting high-performance standards

Prism RMC is committed to environmental protection and pollution prevention inside its plants and nearby areas. RMC (India) (“Prism RMC”), a division of Prism Johnson Limited, is one of India’s leading ready-mixed concrete manufacturers. Set up in 1996, Prism RMC operates 92 ready mixed concrete plants in 44 cities and towns across the country and […]

Avians high speed doors for fast, efficient and smart entrance solutions

The consistency in quality of concrete impacts the strength and durability of the structure

It is in this context that ready-mix concrete plays an important role. RMC provides better concrete also due to computerized batch & correct water cement ratio says Atul Desai, ED & CEO , Prism Johnson Group (RMC India Division).  In terms of current market dynamics, what is your opinion on the adoption of RMC in […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan