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Prism RMC setting high-performance standards

Prism RMC is committed to environmental protection and pollution prevention inside its plants and nearby areas. RMC (India) (“Prism RMC”), a division of Prism Johnson Limited, is one of India’s leading ready-mixed concrete manufacturers. Set up in 1996, Prism RMC operates 92 ready mixed concrete plants in 44 cities and towns across the country and […]

KEI Conflame Green+ Next-Gen Living solutions

The consistency in quality of concrete impacts the strength and durability of the structure

It is in this context that ready-mix concrete plays an important role. RMC provides better concrete also due to computerized batch & correct water cement ratio says Atul Desai, ED & CEO , Prism Johnson Group (RMC India Division).  In terms of current market dynamics, what is your opinion on the adoption of RMC in […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency