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Tekla 2024 BIM software boosts user experience and project collaboration

Tekla 2024 BIM software boosts user experience and project collaboration

Tekla 2024 Structural BIM Software connects workflows across projects and stakeholders and offers an improved user experience.

The Tekla® software for constructible Building Information Modelling (BIM), structural engineering, and steel fabrication management is being introduced by Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) in 2024. With improved communication for more integrated, connected workflows amongst all construction project stakeholders, Tekla Structures 2024, Tekla Structural Designer 2024, Tekla Tedds 2024, and Tekla PowerFab 2024 offer an improved user experience that enables users to collaborate with ease. The Tekla suite of products is perfect for both novice and seasoned users due to its improved usability, which enables them to complete projects on time and within budget.

One of the key elements in the success of BIM is collaboration. Industry-standard communications enhancements in Tekla versions 2024 enable users to effectively communicate model information and necessary documentation utilising a greater range of accepted industry formats. The foundation of sustainable building techniques is comprised of interconnected workflows that prioritise constructible design-anchored strategies that increase efficiency, optimise resource allocation, reduce waste, and facilitate comprehensive maintenance throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Trimble launches Tekla _ ACE

“Improving coordination between all stakeholders on projects is key to ensuring the industry can deliver projects on time, budget, and schedule. The Tekla 2024 versions are another significant step in bringing all those stakeholders closer together,” says Michael Evans, Senior Product Director of Trimble Engineering and BIM Solutions.

Tekla Structures’ 2024 release offers a better user experience for sticking to a schedule and budget. It gives engineers and detailers—who work on intricate geometry projects—access to modelling that is more intuitive right away and requires fewer revisions. The development of steel and precast cast unit drawings benefits greatly from advancements in automated fabrication drawing cloning.

Because of Tekla Structures’ strong change management, users may work fast and effectively, meeting industry norms and transferring model data error-free to meet client requirements.

Through open standards like BCF (BIM Collaboration Format), Tekla Structures 2024 users can even more closely connect with industry procedures, facilitating model-based communication among project collaborators across all project phases. Out of the box, the programme supports building SMART properties with enhanced and expanded IFC property sets.

Tekla Structures 2024 offers new integrated processes for improved collaboration by improving interoperability between Trimble hardware, software, and other third-party solutions. The creation of enhanced rebar shapes is optimised for site operations, delivery logistics, and manufacturing. Users can collect as-built data from the site and transmit accurate designs back thanks to data interchange with Trimble scanning hardware and field personnel. With the Tekla Structures named user licence, you can also access Trimble Connect Business Premium, which offers enhanced collaborative workflow features including model-based status sharing.

Trimble launches Tekla _ ACE

Users of Tekla Structures can now make use of three products in one potent package. Tekla Model Sharing and Trimble Connect Business Premium are now included in a “Named User Licence” for Tekla Structures, providing an all-in-one solution. For quicker, better-quality project delivery, Trimble Connect Business Premium gives users access to workflow extensions and sophisticated BIM tools.

Staged construction analysis, which considers that construction and loading occur in a specific order, has improved the structural design and analysis capabilities of Tekla Structural Designer 2024. This automated method is quick and simple to use, and it can be used for both steel and concrete structure design. Nowadays, reference models from other fields, like architecture or MEP, can be used by structural engineers to verify that their structural model is compatible.

The most recent version of Tekla’s structural engineering computation software enhances collaborative design-to-detail by expanding on the smooth integration of structural design data and documentation with Tekla Structures. For faster, more dependable structural element design—including multi-material designs—Tekla Tedds 2024 provides updated libraries of standard structural calculations in addition to bespoke calculation options. In addition, it now provides US code-compliant masonry design, US code-compliant steel angle design, and US code-compliant basement wall analysis and design.

Visual change management and estimate work costing were added to the Tekla PowerFab steel fabrication management software in the 2023i version. The most recent version now includes improved project management features like change order breakdown, subcontract organisation and tracking, and Trimble Connect interaction with BCF Topics. Businesses utilising various software packages can work together thanks to BCF Topics, which also gives project managers the option to report on and follow up on many projects at once. To enhance communication and openness between offices and shops, Tekla PowerFab 2024 has implemented a new cutlist prioritisation system.

As part of Trimble’s ongoing efforts to provide enterprise-level security required in environments that thrive on data sharing, all Tekla products are certified to be fully compliant with ISO27001, the leading global standard for information security management.

For more info visit: http://www.trimble.com.


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