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Twiga Insul: synonym in fibreless wool insulation

 Twiga is one of the leading manufacturers of fibreless wool insulation in India with a 30-year track record of supplying world-class products for thermal and acoustic insulation. The hallmark of Twiga products are its superior fire-safety properties and cost-effectiveness.
Suitable applications1. Building envelope: Energy-efficient roof, wall and facade. Twiga Insul helps comply with Energy Conservation Building Code, 2007 recommended U-values or R-values for 12- or 24 hour-buildings. Products like faced and un-faced fibreglass wool insulation boards are suitable for underdeck, cavity wall, wall lining and facade assembly.
2. HVAC: Twiga Insul is recommended for duct wrap and pipe insulation for central air-conditioning systems. Aluminium or special polypropylene faced flexible blankets are used as duct thermal along with compatible sealing system. Twiga also provides flexible insulated or un-insulated ducts and prefabricated non-metallic duct boards against conventional metal ducting plus insulation. AHU room, mechanical room and duct acoustic lining can have Twiga Insul fibreglass wool acoustic boards with laminations like tissue or woven glass textile.
3. Drywall partition: Low density resilient fibreglass wool helps achieve high-acoustic isolation in dry wall partition without increasing the load in the assembly. Different acoustic tests as per international standards established the compatibility of Twiga Insul with drywall systems and products of various manufacturers.
4. Pre-engineered factory buildings and light gauge/pre-fabricated structures (low cost housing): Tough and flexible insulation blankets of customised lengths with special facing and tabs are applicable for metal building roof and wall insulation. The product is easy to handle and install as well as meets best thermal, acoustic and fire-safety features.
5. Other segments include cold storage, bus body, metro rail cars, and long-distance rail coaches.
All these products are made of high-quality inorganic and non-combustible fibreglass insulation in various forms and shapes, optionally laminated with imported facings. Being a technical licensee of Saint Gobain-Isover, Twiga has adopted the world-class TEL technology in manufacturing. In this process, the complete raw material is converted into 100 per cent pure fibre — free from slag, metal-shots or any unfiberised elements. This ensures better quality and long-performing life of the product and its associated system.
Twiga Insul’s general features include high thermal resistance, high acoustic absorption, fire safety, hydrophobic nature, chemical stability, shot free and resiliency, among others. Basic material has fire safety features like non-combustibility, non-toxicity, limited or zero spread of flames (Class O/Class 1). It is pure and does not settle down. It complies to general standards of IS: 8183, IS:3346, IS:3144 and IS:9842.
Twiga Insul has been awarded various approvals from Navy, FM Global, EIL and government authorities like Central Public Works Department, National Thermal Power Corporation and Military Engineering Services, among others. It is also included in green product directory of IGBC and TERI-GRIHA/SVAGRIHA. It is one of the preferred insulation materials for sustainable construction and supplied either directly or through distributors in several prestigious projects in India. Twiga Insul is now also present in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and many other Asian and African countries.


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