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We have system integrators whom we train to go and implement the solutions

We have system integrators whom we train to go and implement the solutions

Ashwant Kumar Anadasu, Chief Sales and Managing Officer, Hogar Controls Inc talks about his company’s role in the automation of residential, commercial and retail

Tell us about Hogar
As the world gets increasingly globalised the demand for home and office automation had steadily increased. Hogar entered the commercial automation market in 2016 and ever since we have been working on numerous projects. The platform itself is very fluid and offers a great degree of flexibility. It allows you to automate small and huge spaces alike. From a room to an entire building the scope of automation in terms of sq.ft area that Hogar offers is tremendous.

What are some of the key projects you have executed on a global scale?
Automation of palaces like Sheikh Khalid in Oman and an entire community in Thailand and Singapore have been some of our key projects. Likewise we have automated golf courses and multi apartment buildings too. Because we are a wireless solution provider we are in a position to set up the automation infrastructure and get it readied in two hours time.

What are some of your key products?
In Home automation we offer the best solutions. Our Aura range of next generation touch switches come inbuilt with Alexa, they can do a lot more than ordinary switches. It offers a completly customisable UI and completely customisable theme. From one touch of your phone you can change the theme of your switches and it will blend into your decor. If it’s a special day you can play a special message on the switches. Using that one single product as a master controller you can control wired products in the house as also virtual products

When it comes to IoT products, security is a concern, how secure is the system being offered by Hogar?
From a security perspective, we use Z-Wave plus, the latest technology certification standard, designed to offer improved compatibility, range, battery life, and pairing. This system is secure and cannot be remotely compromised.

What is your target group for your products?
Switches have become our identifiable product as also our security products. We cater to individual home owners; we also offer our products and services to the hospitality sector and corporate offices.

How are your systems installed on site?
We have system integrators whom we train to go and implement the solutions, we have more than 300 system integrators whom we have trained and certified in India. Once the client gets in touch with us we send across a local systems integrator over to him/her to give a product demo and also understand the client requirements. Once the needs and wants are clearly understood the entire setup can be completed in less than two hours.

Considering these are smart solutions is it easy to use especially by the elderly?
All our user interfaces are made to undergo something we refer to as the “grandma test” if the user interface can be used easily by a grandma, it can be used by anybody. It is usually a one or two click control and hence easy to use.

How is your automation solutions priced?
A simple fan and light automation can be done within `50,000. But depending on the additional elements which need to be automated the cost can run into a couple of lakhs of rupees. Ideally our solutions will not cost you more than 10% of the entire property value.

Ashwant Kumar Anadasu,Chief Sales and Managing Officer, Hogar Controls Inc


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