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Volvo Trucks sets new standard in construction via new launches

Volvo Trucks has launched Volvo FM 380 8X4, Volvo FMX 460 8X4 and Volvo FM 420 6X4 Tractor. The new products with infrastructure boom, the construction industry has seen rapid growth in verticals like road construction, irrigation projects, hydel projects, stone quarries, marble quarries, granite quarries, etc. Customers need trucks that can deliver the lowest […]

Henkel India completes Loctite plant in Kurkumbh

Architecture that’s ecological and sustainable

Program planning, selection of site and design team, structure orientation, building systems design aid sustainable green construction. With the government offering subsidies and incentives to developers constructing green buildings, the construction industry in India is undertaking an array of green building projects. According to reports, over 4,300 projects are registered for green technology in the […]

Envelope blueprints and smart cost solutions

Beyond aesthetics: steel solutions for green buildings

Factors like recyclability, high- grade steel structures have led to wide acceptability of steel in areas ranging from industrial applications, to retail to infrastructure. Green building began as a movement back in the 1960’s over a growing concern over the energy crisis and pollution that was developing in the US and abroad. Although the green […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

Hikvision fortifies commitment towards security with FSAI Bravery Awards

FSAI Bravery Awards were given to four Bravehearts at the 6th Edition of PACC in Jaipur. The award is a prestigious recognition given for acts of bravery in extraordinary circumstances that are considered worthy of honour. The award winners were felicitated on September 8, 2018, coinciding with the 6th edition of Projects heads, Architects & […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

Road construction: when thrust is on fuel efficiency

Equipment that saves energy as well as fuel while maintaining uptime, is the need of the hour. With the government implementing a multitude of big-ticket projects, roads and highways continue to be a strong growth driver for the construction equipment industry. However, ensuring timely completion of these projects not only entails the best quality output, […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

Energy efficiency driving tech innovation in HVAC

Companies like Hitachi working on cutting-edge technology in room AC, VRF, PAC, chiller, among other product categories. As the fight against climate change gains urgency, governments across the world are tightening regulations pertaining to safety of environment and energy efficiency for all kinds of equipment and appliances to check emissions. It is not surprising, then, […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

Expediting completion of construction projects

As India ushers into the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, industry disruptors gaining prominence are driving the market. Precast is the industry disruptor in the construction field. With the leading construction companies ushering into precast, the competition of being one of the leading players in the market has already begun. Precast promises two of the […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

hansgrohe enhancing shower experience with PowderRain spray

Bathroom specialist hansgrohe has developed the new PowderRain spray which recreates the feeling of showering in nature. The innovative spray mode is featured in a new range of hansgrohe’s Raindance showers. PowderRain envelops the body in a warm protective cloak of water, a sensation achieved through its extremely fine spray of micro droplets. A single […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture