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Expediting completion of construction projects

Expediting completion of construction projects

As India ushers into the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, industry disruptors gaining prominence are driving the market. Precast is the industry disruptor in the construction field. With the leading construction companies ushering into precast, the competition of being one of the leading players in the market has already begun. Precast promises two of the characteristics that are most important but so far have been wanting in Indian construction industry viz. speed and quality.Precast construction will gain prominence on the back of the following drivers that are mainly government policy and market driven.

Precast construction will gain prominence on the back of the following guides:
• Affordable housing that is being driven by the government rigorously. India has a dearth of houses especially considering the population which is growing exponentially. India has to meet its target of housing for its people within a short time frame.Case to study: Leading the way is Delhi Development Authority which has ventured into precast and at the moment is delivering 40-45 apartments per day with B G Shirke being the contractor. Such humungous volume of construction within a short time with assured quality is possible only in precast.
• New policy norms introduced by the government such as RERA, IBC and GST all propel the growth of organised construction hence precast construction.
• The new acts are a response to the dire need of Indian consumers and in discharge of the sovereign functions towards public interest. RERA incorporates defect and liability clause. Precast construction ensures that the lifecycle cost of building is almost nil. The precast buildings usually require no maintenance for minimum 25 years.

Precast technology, by virtue of the process of casting under controlled circumstances, adheres to the highest standards of quality control. Production in a precast plant ensures effective curing and monitoring, unlike onsite pouring, which is affected by factors like dust, humidity, fluctuating temperatures, unreliable material, quality and workmanship.

Following are the significant advantages of precast construction over traditional cast in situ construction:
• Move towards organised construction.
• Time savings on a project, where up to 50 per cent time savings compared to traditional construction has been achieved.
• Significantly brings down the labour requirement at site.
• It also gives a huge impetus to the productivity.
• The top finish in a precast building is so good that one can save on the top finishes like granite or marble or tiles, etc, which amounts to time and cost saving.
• The unpredictability and variation in construction costs and timeline significantly comes down allowing a professional approach to construction.
• Precast has unmatched capacity to handle scale and unmatched sustainability that it brings on the table.

Why Elematic
As a leader in supplying precast equipment, Elematic India provides precast construction technology solutions. It has setup a manufacturing plant for precast equipment at Alwar, Rajasthan. The company has more than 25 installations across India. As part of services for the precast building, the company also provides engineering services and project management services. It provides complete support to the customer from concept to execution of a precast project and have a 100-member, well-qualified team offering concept design and engineering services, plant selection and designing of plant, plant installation and training, after sales service and 3rd party services such as quality audit and project management.

In the current scenario, time is the essence of any project. Hence, precast is the only option to ensure smart and timely completion of projects.

Authored by:
Madhurima Masoom,
Assistant Manager-Sales and Marketing,
Elematic India Pvt Ltd


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