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Polavaram project sets Guinness record in concrete usage

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NECL) one of the dominant players in the engineering and core infrastructure, which is currently building the world’s largest flood discharge capacity dam at Polavaram in Andhra Pradesh, is set to create two world records at the site. The flagship entity of the Rs 250 billion Navayuga Group will create world […]

FlipSpaces designing techniques for future-ready commercial areas

Making construction sustainable, eco-friendly

Green construction methods and materials support local business besides aiding sustainability. Global issues of climate change, resource depletion, environmental pollution and peak oil are among the major challenges currently, which need immediate addressal. These issues are acquiring serious proportions with hectic pace of industrial operations, urban development and other forms of economic activities. There is […]

Envelope blueprints and smart cost solutions

Contextual architecture may see popularity

Indian architecture is likely to continue witnessing increased influence from developed nations on the back of rising rupee, swelling market-size and strength, and upsurge in tourism that is increasing exposure to western architecture, says Ar. Shashi Prabhu, Founding Partner, Shashi Prabhu & Associates, in an interaction with Arpita Saxena of ACE Update. Discuss the existing […]

We aim to build a long-term resilience & Net Zero Future

profine caters to AluPure- Aluminium Systems with a Class

Zak Doors & Windows Expo has been quite close to profine for over a decade, with AluPure aluminium window and door system which was launched in 2017 have been introduced for the fraternity here, says Farid Khan, Director and CEO, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Karan Rawat of ACE Update. […]

Plywood Pioneer DURO launches the DURO PLUS offering time-saving, installation-ready solutions

LGF SYSMAC offers innovative hardware and machinery solutions

Zak Expo is specifically for the trade industry that we are in. That’s why we’re here and have been participating in this fare since a long time. Overall, the expo has been good for us, says Ashim Chugh, Director, LGF Sysmac India Pvt Ltd in an interaction with Karan Rawat of ACE Update. Please share […]

Plywood Pioneer DURO launches the DURO PLUS offering time-saving, installation-ready solutions

K-LITE displays new range of architectural lighting

K-LITE Industries has launched a new series of LED architectural lighting. Inspired by the “Make in India” vision, the company has showcased all-new product portfolio under architectural lighting. The application includes facade lighting, pathway lighting, in-ground luminaire, uplighter, up-down lighting, billboard lighting, vertical light bars, wall washers, area lighting poles and above all popular sleek […]

Rosha lamps illuminates the Christmas season

Steel bars: for cost-effective construction

High adaptability makes steel bars affordable material solution for all types of commercial and industrial products. TMT stands for thermo mechanically treated. TMT bars have a hard outer surface and a softer core. Their manufacturing process includes hot rolled steel wires passed through water. These specific bars have more yield strength as compared to the […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

thyssenkrupp inaugurates technology centre in Pune

thyssenkrupp announced the inauguration of Technology Center Analytics and Software Engineering (TCASE) – a technology centre in Pune, India. Aimed at establishing India as a knowledge hub for thyssenkrupp globally, the centre will focus on providing high-end R&D services in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics and Software Engineering. TCASE […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

High-quality concrete innovations

Sand-free products are a solution to the ever-rising problem of procuring quality sand. The construction industry is one of the booming industries. The advancements in construction and the usage of high-end technologies are significantly helping the construction professionals find solutions for many day-to-day problems. Most parts of India are facing acute crisis of sand, humans […]

Here is India’s largest independent ready- mix concrete company