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We aim to build a long-term resilience & Net Zero Future

In an exclusive interaction, Dr. Mala Singh, Founder & Director of PEC Greening India, elaborates on the importance and benefits of green initiatives under Green Budget 2023. Kindly share your opinion w.r.t need of decarbonisation and low carbon growth for developing and developed countries both. Governments and companies worldwide are pledging to achieve net-zero emissions […]

PVC tiles are the newest addition to the construction and design industry

PVC interlocking tiles provide a modern, vibrant look to recreational spaces with abundant colour options, insulation properties, and dirt resistance. In the present-day interior design and decor context, tiles are an ever-evolving material available to create unbounded types of styles and aesthetics. The tile industry has expanded its doors to many creative arrays with technological […]

SmartRoof 2.0 turns into an integral and functional part of the building

This greatly enhances the real-estate value, while simultaneously improving human health, biodiversity and reducing the building’s carbon footprint, says Joris Voeten, Sr. Engineer Urban Green Space, Urban Roofscapes. What is SmartRoof 2.0?  SmartRoof 2.0 was designed to reclaim empty urban rooftops for stormwater management in combination with plant growth in vegetated roof systems and in roof gardens. Rooftops can […]

How residential projects can improve air quality?

Beyond the esoteric health advantages of greater green cover, there are also structural and ambient advantages of having more plants around homes. India is entering a new stage of eco-conscious development. After the boom of the past few decades created some of the biggest, most polluted metropolises in the world, urban Indians are now beginning […]